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Implementing IBM Rational ClearQuest: An End-to-End Deployment Guide

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Implementing IBM Rational ClearQuest: An End-to-End Deployment Guide


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  • Copyright 2007
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 320
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-33486-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-33486-2

IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® gives organizations unprecedented control over software development, helping them fix defects, make enhancements, manage issues, update documentation, and deliver better products, faster. Now there's an easy-to-use ClearQuest deployment guide for every team member--in development, product management, field operations, support, and beyond.

Implementing IBM Rational ClearQuest brings together all you need to integrate ClearQuest into an overarching change-management system that works. Drawing on decades of experience, the authors present a detailed, easyto-use roadmap for each step of ClearQuest deployment, from evaluating business cases through planning, design, and implementation. You will find the industry's clearest, most useful explanations of ClearQuest technology here, along with real-world examples, best practices, diagrams, and actionable steps. This book will help you

  • Thoroughly understand the strategic and tactical challenges of change management
  • Implement ClearQuest effectively, whether you're in a small team or a global enterprise
  • Model your existing system: actors, use cases, activity diagrams, workflow, and reporting
  • Define classes, states, transitions, deployment diagrams, and system-level design
  • Install, configure, and use the Eclipse™ ClearQuest plugin
  • Use multisite synchronization, mastership, and conflict resolution
  • Efficiently handle testing, migration, administration, backup, and training

Regardless of your role or previous experience, this book will help you shape and execute your ClearQuest rollout to drive maximum business value--now, and for years to come.

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Introduction to Implementing IBM® Rational® ClearQuest®: An End-to-End Deployment Guide

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Table of Contents

Preface      xv

Why This Book?      xv
The Goal of This Book      xvi
Our Writing Style      xviii
Who Should Read This Book      xix
The Structure of This Book      xix
About the Authors      xxii

Chapter 1: Building and Maintaining the Feedback Loop with Customers      1

Eye Protection Recommended      3
It's the Tools, Stupid      4
ClearQuest Roadmap      8

Chapter 2: The Value Proposition      11

Understanding the Components      13
Defining Your Value Proposition      15
Getting Team Buy-In      19
Understanding Target User Scenarios      22
The Value of Improving Quality      25
developerWorks Links      27

Chapter 3: Selling Your Team on Change Management      29

Understanding Change Requests      31
Tracking Change Requests      31
Is It the Process or the Tools?      32
How and What to Plug and Play      40
Making Your Business Case      43
developerWorks Links      44

Chapter 4: Moving Parts      45

ClearQuest Fundamentals      47
Change Request Lifecycle      48
ClearQuest Components      50
Installation      52
Moving Around in ClearQuest      52
Administering and Customizing ClearQuest      58
Coming Up for Air      62
developerWorks Links      62

Chapter 5: Analyzing Your Company's Needs      63

Actors      64
Use Cases      67
Activity Diagrams      70
Reports      73
developerWorks Links       74

Chapter 6: Designing Your System      75

Classes      76
Statechart Diagrams      79
User Interface Design      82
developerWorks Links      84

Chapter 7: Implementation: Schema and Database Design      85

Picking a Schema      86
Using ClearQuest Designer      88
Working with Users and Roles      89
Working with Existing Schemas      93
Creating New Schemas and Databases      94
Setting Up Database Options      98
Scripts (Basic or Perl)      105
developerWorks Links      106

Chapter 8: Implementation: Customizing the Schema and Creating Hooks      109

Record Types      109
Record Type Families      110
Fields      110
Adding a Reference to Another Object as a Choice List      113
States      118
Forms      123
Hook Scripting      134
One Last Thing      134
developerWorks Links      137

Chapter 9: ClearQuest for Eclipse      139

Installing and Configuring the ClearQuest Plug-in      141
ClearQuest Eclipse Plug-in Preferences      148
Using the Plug-in      149
Records      171
developerWorks Links       181

Chapter 10: ClearQuest Integrations      183

Independent Integrations      184
Dependent Integrations      185
ClearQuest Packages      188
UCM Integration      198
Developing Your Own Integration      213
developerWorks Links      216

Chapter 11: Deployment and Administration      219

Knowing Your Databases      219
Web Client or No Web Client?      227
Training      232
Legacy Systems and Data Migration      234
developerWorks Links       238

Chapter 12: Multisite Development      239

ClearQuest MultiSite Concepts      240
ClearQuest MultiSite Design      249
ClearQuest MultiSite and Tool Integration      259
ClearQuest MultiSite Implementation      261
Syncups      264
Oplogs and Epoch Numbers      265
Managing a Replica Syncup      268
Keeping a Multisite Deployment Organized      273
developerWorks Links      274

Epilogue      277

The Change Agent      278
Shameless Plug      279
Additional Resources      280

Index      283


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