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Implementing CIFS: The Common Internet File System

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Implementing CIFS: The Common Internet File System


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  • Copyright 2004
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 672
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-047116-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-047116-1

"The book that Microsoft should have written, but didn't."
—Jeremy Allison, Samba Team

"Your detailed explanations are clear and backed-up with source code—and the numerous bits of humor make a dry subject very enjoyable to read."
—J.D. Lindemann, network engineer, Adaptec, Inc.

The first developer's guide to Microsoft®'s Internet/Intranet file sharing standard

For years, developers and administrators have struggled to understand CIFS, Microsoft's poorly documented standard for Internet file sharing. Finally, there is an authoritative, cross-platform guide to CIFS capabilities and behavior. Implementing CIFS not only delivers the priceless knowledge of a Samba Team member dedicated to investigating the inner workings of CIFS, it also identifies and describes crucial specifications and supporting documents.

  • Provides essential information for designing and debugging large Windows® and/or Samba networks
  • Offers clear, in-depth introductions to Server Message Block (SMB), NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT), browser services, and authentication
  • Drills down into the internals of CIFS, exposing its behavior on the wire and at the desktop—and its strange quirks
  • Presents illustrative code examples throughout
  • Reflects years of work reviewing obscure documentation, packet traces, and sourcecode
  • Includes the SNIA CIFS Technical Reference

Implementing CIFS will be indispensable to every developer who wants to provide CIFS compatibility—and every administrator or security specialist who needs an in-depth understanding of how it really works.

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Protocol Negotiation in CIFS

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Table of Contents




1. A Short Bio of NetBIOS.

NetBIOS and DOS: The Early Years.

2. Speaking NetBIOS.

Emulating “NetBIOS LANs”. Scope: The Final Frontier. Thus Endeth the Overview.

3. The Basics of NBT Implementation.

You Got the Name, Look Up the Number. Interlude.

4. The Name Service in Detail.

NBT Names: Once More with Feeling. NBT Name Service Packets. Conversations with the Name Service. Enough Already.

5. The Datagram Service in Detail.

Datagram Distribution over Routed IP Internetworks. The NBDD and the Damage Done. Implementing a Workable Datagram Service.

6. The Session Service in Detail.

Session Service Header. Creating an NBT Session. Maintaining an NBT Session. Closing an NBT Session.

7. Where It All Went Wrong.

The 0x1Dirty Little Secret. Twenty-five IPs or Less. Special Handling Required for 0x1B Names. Alternate Name Resolution. The Awful Truth.


8. A Little Background on SMB.

Getting Started. NBT or Not NBT.

9. An Introductory Tour of SMB.

The Server Identifier. The Directory Path. The File. The SMB URL. Was That Trip Really Necessary?

10. First Contact: Reaching the Server.

Interpreting the Server Identifier. The Destination Port. Transport Discovery. Connecting to the Server.

11. SMB in Its Natural Habitat.

Our Very First Live SMBs. SMB Message Structure. Case in Point: NEGOTIATE PROTOCOL. The AndX Mutation. The Flow of Conversation. A Little More Code. Take a Break.

12. The SMB Header in Detail.

The SMB_HEADER.STATUS Field Exposed. The FLAGS and FLAGS2 Fields Tell All. EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It! TID and UID: Separated at Birth? PID and MID Revealed. SMB Header Final Report.

13. Protocol Negotiation.

A Smattering of SMB Dialects. Greetings: The NEGOTIATE PROTOCOL REQUEST. Gesundheit: The NEGOTIATE PROTOCOL RESPONSE. Are We There Yet?

14. Session Setup.


15. Authentication.

Anonymous and Guest Login. Plaintext Passwords. LM Challenge/Response. NTLM Challenge/Response. NTLM Version 2. Extended Security: That Light at the End of the Tunnel. Kerberos. Random Notes on W2K and NT Domain Authentication. Random Notes on Message Authentication Codes. Non Sequitur Time. Further Study.

16. Building Your SMB Vocabulary.

That TREE CONNECT Thingy. SMB Echo. Readin', Writin', and 'Rithmatic. Transaction SMBs.

17. The Remaining Oddities.

Opportunistic Locks (OpLocks). Distributed File System (DFS). DOS Attributes, Extended File Attributes, Long Filenames, and Suchlike.

18. That Just about Wraps Things Up for SMB.


19. A Beautiful Day in the Network Neighborhood.

History: From Frontier Town to Bustling Metropolis. Sociology. Politics.

20. Meet the Neighbors.

Browse Service Clientele. The Local Master Browser. Becoming a Backup Browser. Crossing the Street with the DMB. Elections.

21. Infrastructure: The Mailslot and Named Pipe Abstractions.

Meet the Plumbing: Named Pipes. The Mailslot Metaphor.

22. The Talk on the Street.

Making Sense of SMBtrans. Browse Service Mailslot Messages. RAPture.

23. The Better Browser Bureau.

Running an Election. Timing Is Everything.

24. Samba Browse Service Enhancements.

Automatic LANMAN. UnBrowsable. NBNS Wildcard DMB Queries and Enhanced Browsing. Remote Announce. Remote Browse Sync. DMB != PDC.

25. It Can't Happen Here.

Misconfigured Hosts. Misconfigured Networks. Implementation Bugs. Troublemakers. Design Flaws.

26. At Home in the Network Neighborhood.


Appendix A: Making a Good Cup of Tea.

Basics of Making Tea. About Tea. Nasty Habits. Decaffeinating Tea.

Appendix B: Known NetBIOS Suffix Values.

NetBIOS Name Suffix Bytes. Special Handling of NetBIOS Names in WINS.

Appendix C: The SMB URL.

The Origins of the SMB URL. Of Round Pegs, Square Holes, and Big Mallets. Form Versus Function. Additional Parts. A Simple SMB URL Parser.

Appendix D: CIFS Technical Reference.




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