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HP-UX CSE: Official Study Guide and Desk Reference

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HP-UX CSE: Official Study Guide and Desk Reference


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Study for certification and excel on the job with the ONLY official guide mapping to the HP-UX Certified System Engineer (CSE) Exam.

° Maps to exam objectives and covers all subject matter areas for individuals looking to take the HP-UX Certified System Engineer exam.

° There are more than 1.7 million HP-UX installations worldwide, and certified engineers will need to be re-certified within 2 years.

° The author is closely involved in the design and implementation of the HP-UX certification program.


  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-146396-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-146396-7

The HP-UX Certified System Engineer (CSE) exam is the next step afterCertified Systems Architect (CSA). The audience for the exam has grown as aresult of several factors. HP is pushing for all external vendors to have CSElevel certification, as well as pushing for internal employees to be CSE certified.HP is also streamlining the number of advanced courses and creating 2 newcourses to make it easier for engineers to get the knowledge they need tobecome certified.Mapping to the exam objectives for the HP-UX CSE exam, this book startswith the premise that readers will be "fluent" in the basic concepts of managinga HP-UX based system. This book allows experienced HP-UX administratorsto deal with new technologies such as fibre channel, SANs, disk arrays,partioned servers and how they impact high-availability environments. As wellas describing such topics from a theoretical perspective, the author directlycorrelates the theory with what individuals will find in their workplace, allowingfor rapid appreciation of the facts. HP-UX guru, Charles Keenan, brings ahands-on approach to how to deal with topics such as high availabilityclustering, node/virtual partitions, performance analysis and troubleshooting,with actual demonstrations from real HP-UX based systems. He gives readersthe information they need to help study for the CSE exam, as well asinformation they can use well after in their day to day management of advancedHP-UX sys admin tasks.

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Setting Up an HP-UX CSE Serviceguard Cluster

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Table of Contents


I. Managing HP-UX Servers.

1. An Introduction to Your Hardware.

2. Partitioned Servers: Node Partitions.

3. Partitioned Servers: Virtual Partitions.

4. Advanced Peripherals Configuration.

5. Disks and Volumes: RAID Levels and RAID Parity Data.

6. Disks and Volumes: LVM.

7. Disks and Volumes: Veritas Volume Manager.

8. Filesystems: HFS, VxFS, and the VFS Layer.

9. Swap and Dump Space.

10. Monitoring System Resources.

11. Processes, Threads, and Bottlenecks.


12. HP-UX Patches.

13. Installing Software with Software Distributor and Ignite-UX.

14. Emergency Recovery Using the HP-UX Installation Media.


15. Basic IP Configuration.

16. Dynamic Routing.

17. Domain Name System (DNS).

18. Network Time Protocol.

19. An Introduction to sendmail.

20. Common Internet Filesystem (CIFS/9000).

21. An Introduction to LDAP.

22. Web Servers to Manage HP-UX.

23. Other Network Technologies.


24. Understanding “High Availability”.

25. Setting Up a Serviceguard Cluster.

26. Configuring Packages in a Serviceguard Cluster.

27. Managing a Serviceguard Cluster.

28. Additional Cluster Solutions.


29. Dealing with Immediate Security Threats.

30. A New Breed of Security Tools.

Appendix A: Getting to Know Your Hardware: A Bit of Background.

Appendix B: Source Code.

Appendix C: Patching Usage Models White Paper.

Appendix D: Auto-Negotiation White Paper.

Appendix E: Building a Bastion Host White Paper.



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