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Guerrilla Oracle®: The Succinct Windows Perspective

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Guerrilla Oracle®: The Succinct Windows Perspective

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  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-201-75077-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-75077-5

Are you frustrated by your attempts to learn Oracle or improve your Oracle skills because of the sheer amount of technical documentation you have to wade through? This concise tutorial walks you step-by-step through the process, showing you exactly what you need to know to install, create, and support a successful Oracle 8i or 9i environment with Web capabilities.

Guerrilla Oracle®: The Succinct Windows Perspective presents clear explanations of database, SQL, and Oracle fundamentals. Using a real-world, large-scale example to demonstrate essential tasks, the book follows the Oracle DBMS life cycle from business idea to functioning database.

Guerrilla Oracle® gives you the foundation you need to build a functioning system and to begin exploring more complex technical topics. Along with a deeper understanding of the Oracle DBMS, you will learn the concrete skills, strategies, and techniques you need to make your database a reality.

You will learn how to:

  • Install and configure the Oracle Database server on a Windows server
  • Configure client PCs
  • Install and define the Oracle Database software
  • Create basic database security schemas and formalize backup plans
  • Design a database and normalize the data
  • Integrate a legacy system into the Oracle relational database model using SQL*Loader
  • Create the tables
  • Develop and modify Oracle Forms and Reports
  • Program in SQL, SQL*Plus, and PL/SQL
  • Perform major DBA responsibilities
  • Enable remote access
  • Prepare your database for Web access and e-commerce

The accompanying CD-ROM includes a complete set of the book's code samples, scripts, and examples.


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Basic Concepts for Guerrilla Oracle

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Table of Contents



1. Introduction.


Oracle8i and 9i the Guerrilla Way.

2. The Three Most Important Dates.

Dr Edgar F Codd, Radical Thinker.

Storage Technology Becomes System R.

Beep Beep! Here Comes Oracle Passing IBM on the Information Highway.

3. Concepts.

Relational Databases.




The Server Environment.

SQL Programming Languages.




Development Tools.

Oracle Forms.

Oracle Reports.

Oracle Web.

Other Oracle Modules.

Data Warehousing.


Thin and Thick Clients.

4. Business Opportunity.

5. Finalizing the Tables for the Waiver Exam.

Refining the Tables.

Data and Relationships.



6. The Major Parts of an Oracle Windows Installation.


An Oracle Instance.




Oracle Home.

Transaction Processing.

System Identifier.

Major Parts of the Installation.

Installing the Server.

Creating the Database.

Creating Tables.

Adding Users.

Installing Clients and Net8.

DBA Tasks and Programming.

Web Enabling.


7. Installing the Oracle 8i and 9i Database Server.

The Installation.

8. Security.

System Security.

Data Security.

User Security.

Password Management Policy.

Password Aging.

Account Locking.

Password Complexity.

Password History.


Building Your Security Schema.





Waiver Database Security.





Help from the Data Dictionary.

The Entire Waiver Database Security Script.

9. Creating the Tables.


Table Creation Syntax.

Syntax Rules.


Creating the Tables.

Getting Started.

Creating the Tablespace.

Creating Tables.

The Entire Table Creation Script

The Output Spool File.

Loading the Tables.

Method 1: SQL*Loader.


The Data File.

The Control File.

Running SQL*Loader.

The Last Step.

Some Advanced SQL*Loader.

Method 2: Using a Script.

Variation on Using a Script.

Method 3: Using a GUI Form.

10. The Data Dictionary.

What Is the Data Dictionary?

How Does the Data Dictionary Work?.

The Data Dictionary Views.

1. Tables.

2. Constraints

3. Primary Keys.

4. Profiles.

5. Roles.

6. Users.

7. Limits.

8. Tablespaces.

9. Auditing.

10. V$ Tables.

11. Installing the Oracle 8i and 9i Client.

The Installation.

Adding Another Service.

In Case of Failure.

12. DBA Tasks.

System Upgrades.

Oracle Licensing.

Startup and Shutdown.

Backup and Recovery.

Import and Export.

The Export Step.

The Import Step.

Database Instances.

Modification and Tuning.

13. Forms 6i.

Installing Forms 6i.

Creating a Simple Form.

Running the Form.

Creating Real GUI Forms.


Components of Forms 6i.

Object Navigator.

Property Palette.


PL/SQL Editor.

Steps in Creating GUI Forms.

Splash Screen.





The Splash Screen.

Adding Image and Text to the Canvas.

Displaying the Graphic.

Building a Timer.

The Main Screen.

Calling Forms from Forms.

Using the Forms.

Building a Control Form.

Building Screen Items.

Message Box.


Lists of Values.


Handling Errors.

Creating the Test Form.

The Master Block.

The Detail Block.


Tracking IDs.

Linking the Forms.


Creating a Menu Module.

Creating Menu Items.

Activating the Menu Items.

Adding Menus to a Form.

14. Guerrilla Toolbox.

Simple Report Writing.



Date Handling.


Manipulating Letters and Numbers.


More Functions for Working with Strings.



Number Functions.


Some Interesting Verbs and Adverbs You Should Know.





Feeding Other Systems.

Linking to Access.


15. The Web!

Appendix A. Forms 6i Security.


Index. 0201750775T01022003


"Try to make things as simple as possible; but not simpler." —Albert Einstein

"Simplicity is very difficult…" —Ray Ozzie, software inventor

We want you to vote. Take a look at the following two sentences:

  1. Oracle is a rather complex subject, and this book will be giving you a close, detailed examination of its many intricacies. Intrinsic to our study is absolute concentration.
  2. Welcome to the incredible world of Oracle databases!

If you voted for candidate 1, then, we regret, this book is not for you.

Rather, this book belongs in the hands of those who are intrigued by the Oracle environment, and are looking for a complete view before they decide to focus in on one particular area in depth. Yes, there is much, much to learn in the Oracle world, and it is a world that is continuously changing. But, whether it is a small, three person Oracle shop or a large, several hundred person data center, there are certain basics common to all Oracle installations. This book is aimed at those who are interested in getting a complete view of those basics, those who are willing to do the work to turn a business idea into a functioning database.

In other words, this book is good material for both the newcomer to Oracle, as well as the seasoned veteran. For the newcomer, this book will take you through all the steps you need to end up with a working system. For the veteran, for those who have specialized in one or two areas of the Oracle database environment, this book will now open up the other, exciting areas that you have missed.

This book can easily become an intensive week-long seminar, a college class, a series of classes, and a self-study guide. In some places, this book can become a do-it-yourself guide where the company makes a couple of servers available so employees can work through the chapters on their own or in small, informal groups.

What this book is not meant to do is be the one, definitive reference book on every bit and piece of an Oracle installation. Rather, it gives you just what you need to get the job done. We constantly refer you to go to other in-depth sources to complete your knowledge.

But, we believe that there is no knowledge like experience, and that is what this book will give you—the complete Oracle experience from the idea of a database through all the steps that are required to turn the idea into into reality.

Good luck, be persistent, and we look forward to working with you.



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