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Great ScrumMaster, The: #ScrumMasterWay

Great ScrumMaster, The: #ScrumMasterWay

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  • Copyright 2017
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-465764-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-465764-6

The Fast, Focused, Practical Guide to Excellence with Scrum

The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay is your complete guide to becoming an exceptionally effective ScrumMaster and using Scrum to dramatically improve team and organizational performance. Easy to digest and highly visual, you can read it in a weekend…and use it for an entire career.

Drawing on 15 years of pioneering experience implementing Agile and Scrum and helping others do so, Zuzana Šochová guides you step by step through all key facets of success as a ScrumMaster in any context. Šochová reviews the ScrumMaster’s responsibilities, introduces her powerful State of Mind model and #ScrumMasterWay approach, and teaches crucial metaskills that every ScrumMaster needs.

Learn how to build more effective teams, manage change in Agile environments, and take fulladvantage of the immensely powerful ScrumMaster toolbox. Throughout, Šochová illuminates each concept with practical, proven examples that show how to move from idea to successful execution.

  • Understand the ScrumMaster’s key role in creating high-performance self-organizing teams
  • Master all components of the ScrumMaster State of Mind: teaching/mentoring, removing impediments, facilitation, and coaching
  • Operate effectively as a ScrumMaster at all levels: team, relationships, and the entire system
  • Sharpen key ScrumMaster cognitive strategies and core competencies
  • Build great teams, and improve teams that are currently dysfunctional
  • Drive deeper change in a safer environment with better support for those affected
  • Make the most of Shu Ha Ri, System Rule, Root Cause Analysis, Impact Mapping, and other ScrumMaster tools

Whether you’re a long-time Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) or participating in your first Scrum project, this guide will help you leverage world-class insight in all you do and get the outstanding results you’re looking for.

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Sample Content

Sample Pages

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Table of Contents

Foreword xiii

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xix

About the Author xxi

Chapter 1: The ScrumMaster’s Role and Responsibilities 1

The Self-Organized Team 2

The ScrumMaster’s Goal 7

The ScrumMaster’s Responsibilities 9

Pitfalls of Combining Roles 9

Chapter 2: The State of Mind Model 19

Teaching and Mentoring 21

Removing Impediments 21

Facilitation 22

Coaching 23

Example: Starting Agile 24

Example: Impediments 25

Example: Stuck 26

Example: Responsibility 27

Exercise: State of Mind—Now 28

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle 29

Exercise: State of Mind—The Future 30

Chapter 3: #ScrumMasterWay 31

Exercise: #ScrumMasterWay 32

Level 1—My Team 33

Level 2—Relationships 35

Level 3—Entire System 36

The ScrumMasters’ Group 38

The Organization as a System 39

Cynefin Framework 46

Chapter 4: Metaskills and Competences 51

Metaskills 52

Competences 54

Core Competences 57

Chapter 5: Building Teams 61

Tuckman’s Group Development 62

Five Dysfunctions of a Team 65

Team Toxins 69

Focus on Responsibility 72

Organization as a Tribe 76

Choose the Right Leadership Style 82

Use Decentralization 84

Chapter 6: Implementing Change 87

Go for a Change 88

Change Behavior 90

Eight Steps for Successful Change 91

Chapter 7: The ScrumMaster’s Toolbox 97

Mastering Shu Ha Ri 98

System Rule 101

Positivity 104

Facilitation 106

Coaching 110

Root-Cause Analysis 112

Impact Mapping 115

Scaling Scrum 119

Kanban Insight Scrum Checklist 121

XP Practices Checklist 122

Product Owner Checklist 122

Chapter 8: I Believe . . . 125

The Great ScrumMaster 126

Don’t Know Whether Agile and Scrum Is for You? 126

Want to Transform Your Organization to Agile? 127

Don’t Know How to Build a Good Product Backlog? 127

Looking for a Way to Improve Your Team? 127

Want to Become a Great ScrumMaster? 127

Want to Become a Great Product Owner? 128

Want to Solve Conflicts? 128

Want to Have a Modern Agile Organization? 128

Want to Move Your Organization to the Next Level? 128

Zuzana Šochová—sochova.com 128

References 131

Index 135


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