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Focus: Your Key to More Productivity at Work

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Focus: Your Key to More Productivity at Work


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Overcome procrastination, and meet your potential... all of it!

  • Breakthrough solutions based on the latest science -- not old-fashioned "time management" solutions that just don't work!
  • Overcome all the external and internal obstacles that have been standing in your way, from self-sabotage to email overload.
  • Learn exactly how to focus on what matters most, make a plan - and make it happen!
  • Description

    • Copyright 2010
    • Dimensions: 5" x 8"
    • Edition: 1st
    • Book
    • ISBN-10: 0-13-700256-4
    • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-700256-6

    Reach your potential: all of it! It starts with focus. Feeling distracted? Scattered? Time's slipping away from you? You're not alone. But it doesn't have to be that way. Focus will help you get past procrastination, overcome today's 24x7 bombardment of messages and demands, escape from deadly routine, and infuse your life with creativity, flexibility, and power. Jurgen Wolff will walk you step-by-step through deciding what you really want... figuring out what's stopped you in the past... identifying and fixing disruptive influences and obstacles that keep you from focusing and using your time effectively. Finally, it will show you how to put all this information together into a workable plan you can follow again and again, whenever you set new goals for yourself. Along the way, you'll learn how to get your priorities straight, and start on the goals that matter most... do more of what you're already doing right... handle competing deadlines and projects... conquer paper, email, and meetings... put it all together, to meet all your goals! It's easier than you think. The proof is right here: all the skills and strategies you need to make a plan, go after what you really want, and get it!


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    Table of Contents

    Foreword     xiii

    About the Author     xv
    Introduction     xvii

    Part I: Finding Your Focus
    Chapter 1: How to Focus on Your Vital 20%     1
    Chapter 2: How to Focus on Your First Goals     15

    Part II: Your Focus Strategies
    Chapter 3: How to Focus Your Time Patterns for Success     39
    Chapter 4: How to Overcome the Obstacles to Focus     57
    Chapter 5: How to Focus on What Already Works     75
    Chapter 6: How to (Finally) Beat Procrastination     89

    Part III: Your Focus Tools
    Chapter 7: How to Use the Alter Ego Strategy     105
    Chapter 8: How to Manage Other People     117
    Chapter 9: How to Focus Your Language for Extraordinary Results     129
    Chapter 10: How to Create Information Focus     153
    Chapter 11: How to Conquer the Paper Mountain     163
    Chapter 12: How to Tame the Email Monster     177
    Chapter 13: How to Master Meetings and Networking     189

    Part IV: Putting It All Together
    Chapter 14: How to Deal with Deadlines and Multiple Projects     203
    Chapter 15: How to Maintain Your Newfound Focus     223
    Chapter 16: How to Put It All Together to Reach All Your Goals     235


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