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Family Computer Fun: Digital Ideas Using Your Photos, Movies, and Music

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Family Computer Fun: Digital Ideas Using Your Photos, Movies, and Music


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Customize your music library, share and play with digital photos, record and edit your own music and video and more

  • Chapters each start with an "ingredients" list clearly explaining what readers will need to get started
  • Projects use built-in, free, or trial software so readers can work without a large investment
  • Author Ralph Bond is Intel's consumer education manager and has spent 10 years explaining technology and discovering what excites people about their computers
  • Description

    • Copyright 2006
    • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
    • Pages: 288
    • Edition: 1st
    • Book
    • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3378-1
    • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3378-8

    Family Computer Fun: Digital Ideas Using Your Photos, Movies, and Music will give you ideas for dozens of fun projects to enjoy with your family. The book starts with a quick tour of what's needed for the projects in the book, which doubles as a guide to buying a new PC or products to enhance your current one.

    Projects in the book include creating custom photos albums to share, editing photos to add effects or retouch, uploading home movies to edit and burn to DVDs, sharing video or photos over the Internet, and turning a PC into a home recording studio. Later chapters offer a quick guide to streaming video and audio to a TV and stereo in the living room.

    The author creates each project with tools that are both affordable and easy-to-use, and finishes with pointers to more advanced software should you want to explore further. Unlike other books on digital media, the activities in Family Computer Fun are designed with the family in mind, with software that anyone can use and projects that will be fun for the entire family to explore together.

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    Share and Preserve Your Photos

    Share and Preserve Your Photos

    Table of Contents


    1. Is Your PC Ready?

        A Quick Gear Check.

        PC Shopping Guide.

        Make Sure Your PC Is Protected.

    2. Get Creative with Digital Pictures.

        Skills and Gear Check .

        Project: Get Digital Pictures on Your PC from a Digital Camera.

        Project: Get a Digital Scan on Your PC.

        Project: Send a Photo Using Email.

        Project: Adjust, Crop, Rotate, Get the Red Eye out, and Add Text to a Digital Photo.

        Project: Turn Your Photo into a Color Charcoal Drawing, an Impressionist Style Painting, or an Antiqued Photo.

        Project: Use Your Photos to Make a Personal Screen Saver and Slide Show.

        Project: Stitch Photos Together to Create Stunning Panoramas.

        Project: Put Your Digital Mug on the Body of a Sports Star, Caveman, or Cover of a Glamour Magazine.

        Project: Make Your Digital Photos Talk, Blink, and Come to Life.

    3. Share and Preserve Your Photos.

        Skills and Gear Check.

        Project: Store Your Family Photos Online.

        Project: Make Digital Reproductions of Your Existing Paper Photo Albums.

        Project: Restore Heirloom Photos.

        Project: Create an Animated, Music-Enhanced Digital Album.

        Project: Crank the Digital Album-Making Creativity Dial to Full Blast.

        Using FlipAlbum to Preserve and Share Family History.

        Project: Create Paperback or Hardbound Albums.

    4. Lights, Camera, Action!

        Skills and Gear Check.

        Analog Versus Digital Video.

        Project: Use FireWire to Connect a Digital Camcorder to a PC.

        Project: Recording Your Analog Videos to Digital Cassette Tapes.

        Project: Capturing Analog Video to Your PC.

        Project: Install Sonic MyDVD.

        Project: Record Digital Video Clips Using MyDVD.

        Project: Record Analog Video Clips Using MyDVD.

        Project: Edit Video Clips Using MyDVD.

        Project: Create a VCD Using MyDVD.

        Project: Make a Homemade DVD Using MyDVD.

        Taking the Next Step.

    5. Melt the Miles That Separate You from Loved Ones.

        Skills and Gear Check.

        Project: Buy and Install a Webcam.

        Project: Use a Webcam with My Pictures and Windows Movie Maker.

        Project: Install an IM Service.

        Project: Conduct a MSN Messenger Video Conference.

        Project: Turn Your PC into a Telephone.

        Taking the Next Step in VoIP (Internet Phones).

    6. Turn Your PC into the Ultimate Audio Entertainment Jukebox.

        Skills and Gear Check.

        Project: Rip Commercial Music Discs and Create a Custom Party Mix CD.

        Project: Buy Music Online.

        Project: Listen to Live Radio.

        Project: Stream High-Fidelity Music via the Web.

        Project: Explore Three Other High-Fidelity Web Music Services.

        Project: Turn Your PC into a Karaoke Machine.

    7. Turn your PC into a Recording Studio.

        Skills and Gear Check.

        Project: Purchase a PC Microphone and Learn How to Create Single Track Recordings.

        Project: Create a Multitrack Recording Using the Free Audacity Program.

        Project: Enter the World of Music Loops Using Super Dooper Music Looper.

        Project: Dig Deeper into the World of Loops with ACID Xpress.

        Where You Can Go From Here.

    8. Enjoy Your PC’s Digital Media in the Family Room.

        Skills and Gear Check.

        Project: Connect Your PC to a Stereo.

        Project: Use a Digital Media Adapter to Experience Digital Media on Your Stereo and TV.




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