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Facebook Marketing: Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign, 2nd Edition

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Facebook Marketing: Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign, 2nd Edition

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 2nd
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4751-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4751-8

The All-New, Up-to-the-Minute Guide to Facebook® Marketing: Better Techniques, Better Results!

In this completely revised book, top Facebook marketer Justin R. Levy shows how to use Facebook to attract more customers and earn more profits. This isn’t hype: It’s actionable information based on the real experiences of companies and individuals who have used Facebook to supercharge their businesses and careers. Levy covers it all, from the absolute basics to attracting visitors and building your community. You’ll discover the latest tools and Facebook Apps—and new best practices for everything from search to privacy. Packed with real case studies, this is the only Facebook business guide you need: your fast, complete blueprint for success.

Coverage includes

• Learning from the pioneers and avoiding beginner’s mistakes

• Developing a winning Facebook marketing strategy

• Establishing a presence that starts working fast and grows with you

• Designing Facebook ads that drive more clickthroughs at lower cost

• Using Facebook Connect and Live Stream Box to reach customers outside Facebook

• Monitoring what customers are saying about you in real-time

• Communicating more powerfully with widgets and Apps

• Addressing privacy concerns

• Building communities that promote loyalty and innovation

• Using Sweepstakes and other traffic builders

• Mastering advanced Facebook marketing tips, tricks, and hacks

• Preparing for the future of Facebook

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction XIII

1 From Dorm Room to Boardroom: The Growth of Social Networks 1

About Marc Zuckerberg  5

The Early Days  5

The Teenage Years  7

Coming into Adulthood  8

2 Getting Around Facebook: The Basics  15

Getting Started  16

0-60 on Facebook in 11 Steps 16

1. Take a Few Minutes to Familiarize Yourself 16

2. Upload a Picture of Yourself  17

3. Fill Out Your Profile Completely 18

4. Start Finding Some Friends 19

5. Import your AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) or Windows Live Buddies 19

6. Upload More Photos  23

7. Upload a Video or Two  24

8. Send Your First Status Using the Publisher Tool  24

9. Download a Facebook Mobile Application  25

10. Start Interacting with Your Friends  25

11. Have Fun and Explore! 26

Home Page Feed 26

Comments and Likes 28

Publisher Tool  29

Photos  31

Videos  32

Pages and Groups  33

Notes  34

Facebook Chat  35

Search  35

Friends Tab  37

Inbox Tab  38

Settings Tab  38

3 Establishing a Corporate Presence  41

Facebook: Personal or Professional? 42

Developing a Corporate Facebook Presence  43

Getting Started  43

Facebook Pages  44

Getting Started with Your Facebook Page  45

What’s Next  54

Promoting Your Facebook Page 54

Email Signature  54

Twitter  55

Facebook  56

Email Marketing  57

Company Website  57

Facebook Ads  58

Google AdWords  58

Facebook Groups  59

Page or Group: Which One? 61

Nurturing Your Community  62

Run Contests or Sweepstakes  62

Share Specific Content  62

Create Specific Content  63

Simply Engage  64

Should You Police Your Community? 65

4 Extending Facebook into the Interwebs: The Power and Reach of Facebook Connect  67

Using Facebook Connect for Commenting  68

Using Facebook Connect to Provide Sharing Options  69

Sharing Stories into Your Stream with Facebook Connect  69

Recent Friend Activity 71

Using Facebook Connect for Social Filtering 72

Using Facebook Connect as a Single Sign On  72

Creating a Personalized Experience with Facebook Connect  73

Integrating Chat Using the Live Feed 74

Not Just for the Web  76

A Few Stats  77

Summary  77

5 Facebook Advertising: How and Why You Should Be Using It  79

Common Reasons for an Ad to be Rejected  80

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Ad  82

1. Design Your Ad  82

2. Target Your Audience 84

3. Create a Campaign and Set Pricing  86

4. Review and Submit 87

Analyzing Performance 88

Summary  89

6 Extending the Experience with Facebook Apps 91

Shareability of Applications 93

Finding Facebook Applications and Navigating the Directory 93

Reviewing and Adding an Application  96

Managing Your Applications 99

Creating Your Own Facebook Application  101

Installing the Developer Application 101

Completing the Application Configuration Form 102

Summary  103

7 Addressing Privacy Concerns  105

The Two Faces of Privacy on Facebook  106

Single Facebook Profile  107

Two Different Facebook Profiles  108

Not Mixing Personal and Work  108

Privacy Settings 109

Personal Privacy Settings  109

Pages Privacy Settings  116

Group Privacy Settings  119

Facebook’s Privacy Policy 120

Summary  121

8 Developing a Facebook Marketing Strategy  123

Designing a Community Building Strategy  125

Designing a Promotions Strategy  130

Designing an Advertising Strategy  132

The Importance of Measurement 132

Facebook Insights  133

Facebook Advertising 134

Web Analytics  136

Marketing Software 137

Other Measuring Methods 138

Summary  138

9 Using Facebook to Develop Communities  141

Building a Community for Your Company, Product, or Service  143

Upload Photos  144

Upload Videos  145

Ask Questions  146

RSS  147

Provide Exclusives  147

Building an Internal Community 148

Using Facebook as a Focus Group  149

Building a Personal Community 149

Be Helpful  150

Connect Often 150

Be a Connector  151

Use Lists  152

Business Benefit from Personal Communities  153

Building a Community Around a Hobby or Interest  153

Summary  155

10 Best in Class  157

Volkswagen  158

Trust Agents 159

Microsoft Office 160

Gary Vaynerchuk 162

Barack Obama  163

Jonas Brothers  165

Gavin Newsom 166

Vin Diesel  168

The Ellen DeGeneres Show  169

Mashable  171

Lessons Learned from the “Best in Class” 173

11 Shaking the Crystal Ball: What’s Next for Facebook 177

Going Public 178

Acquisitions 179

Integrating More Professionalism  181

Dashboard Customization 182

Increasing Ways to Connect 184

An Endless Rainbow of Options  187

Signing Off 187

Index 189


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