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Essential JSP for Web Professionals

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Essential JSP for Web Professionals


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: F
  • Pages: 224
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-064941-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-064941-6

  • Build enterprise-class JavaServer Pages production code—fast!
  • Includes up-to-the-minute coverage of the JSP 1.2 API, custom tags, and WAR files
  • Learn from practical examples and practice with reusable, downloadable code
  • Quick step-by-step solutions based on real-world scenarios
  • Covers key JSP skills: scripting and action elements, directives, session tracking, and more

Foreword by Wayne Flake, Regional Vice President of eForce, Inc.

JavaServer Pages give Web professionals unprecedented power for building enterprise-class, platform-independent Web applications. Now master JSP fast and hands-on by building real applications! Start with the simplest examples, then work your way up to sophisticated projects, acquiring practical techniques you'd otherwise need months-or years-to learn. This concise book delivers up-to-the-minute coverage of Sun's new JSP 1.2 API standard, custom tags, WAR files, and much more. Best of all, the book's sample applications are on the Web—so you can reuse the code and see exactly how your pages should look and work!

You'll master all this and much more!

  • Scripting and action elements
  • Directives
  • JSP engine
  • Sending and retrieving information
  • Tracking sessions
  • Using JavaBeans and custom tags
  • Deploying JSP applications

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Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

An Overview of JSP

Table of Contents



About the Authors.

1. An Overview of JSP.

Server-Side Scripting and Servlets. JavaServer Pages. The Power of Java. Recap.

2. Scripting Elements.

The Scriptlet Element. Expression Element Syntax. Declaration Element Syntax. Embedded Control-Flow Statements. Comment Syntax. Scripting Elements Applied: Calendar.jsp. Recap. Advanced Project.

3. Action Elements.

id and scope Attributes. Standard Actions. Recap. Advanced Project.

4. Directives.

Directive Syntax. The page Directive. The include Directive. The taglib Directive. Recap.

5. The JSP Engine.

Behind the Scenes. Multithreading and Persistence. Implicit Objects. The JSP Life Cycle. JSP Compiled. Recap.

6. Retrieving Information.

The Request. The HTTP Request and JSP. Header Information. Recap.

7. Sending Information.

Using the response Object. Setting Cookies. Handling Errors. Recap.

8. Tracking Sessions.

Tracking Data between Requests. The HttpSession API. Sessions and Identity. Recap.

9. Using JavaBeans.

The Component Model. JavaBeans. Components and Component Frameworks. Enterprise JavaBeans. Recap.

10. Using Custom Tags.

Custom Tag Basics. The Custom Tag API. Creating a New Custom Tag. Recap.

11. Deploying JSP Applications.

Reducing Complexity with Decomposition. JSP Application Deployment. Recap.

12. The Future of JSP.

The Impact of J2EE. JSP and GUI Tools. XML, XML, and more XML. Where Do We Go from Here?




Back in early 90s (the good ol' days) during the birth of client server, I actually had a purpose as a technical architect. Back then, languages changed almost daily as competing technologies preached the wonders of their particular syntax. Simultaneously, industry analysts and futurists were constantly telling software development professionals that CASE tools would soon make us all obsolete.

Well here we are in 2001. A new generation of software development professionals has emerged—professionals who are by no means obsolete but are instead an integral part of any business enterprise. The Internet has invaded every part of life as we know it, and while the dot.com craze has finally ended, corporations of all sizes are rushing to "Web-enable" their enterprise. Development languages have stabilized as well. No longer do people debate the importance of object-oriented programming, cross platform portability, open systems, etc.; these issues are assumed resolved.

Much of this standardization on Web-based architectures and object-based development can be tied directly to the advent of the Java programming language. JavaServer Pages and Java Servlets based on this language have allowed software development professionals to design complex, enterprise-wide applications that can run on any platform, in any environment (Web, client server, stand-alone) without any rewrite. Also issues of scalability and extensibility that used to plague development professionals in the past are solved though JSP's object-oriented architecture.

Damon Hougland is my colleague at eFORCE, Inc. At eFORCE, we pride ourselves in the expertise we bring to our clients in the truly transformational technologies, including JSP, that help them achieve their goals. Damon works as a technical leader to help our clients refine their objectives and define practical solutions that meet their market goals, technology, and budget constraints. Essential JSP for Web Professionals is based on years of Damon's practical experience, coupled with his solid theoretical knowledge. This unparalleled combination makes for a unique book.

Essential JSP for Web Professionals covers all the basic concepts involved in JSP programming and has a repertoire of practical application examples for the software development professional. Back in the good ol' days when I was a developer, I searched for books like Essential JSP to provide me with real-world examples to assist me in coming up the learning curve on a technology. Damon's practical examples are written by a developer for a developer. I am confident that you will find them very helpful.

Damon's straightforward approach to teaching critical concepts of JSP is refreshing. He also provides the rigor and critical architecture insight required to develop robust enterprise-wide solutions. I believe you will find this book valuable not only to learn JSP for the first time, but you will use it time and time again as a reference to assist you through your JSP development endeavors.

I hope you enjoy Essential JSP for Web Professionals as much as I did.

Wayne L. Flake
Regional Vice President
April 2001


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