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craigslist 4 Everyone

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craigslist 4 Everyone


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  • Copyright 2009
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 8-1/4"
  • Pages: 320
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3828-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3828-8

Craigslist 4 Everyone

Jobs. Housing. Customers. Stuff. Events. Advice. Even romance! It’s all waiting for you on craigslist... and this book will help you find it faster, smarter, and more safely. You name it, it’s covered here—with great insider tips and proven techniques! Get started today: Buy and sell merchandise, services, cars, and homes; generate leads; recruit staff or volunteers; promote your group, cause, candidate, or band; find great contractors or childcare; get or give a pet; arrange cheap rideshares and vacation swaps. Stay safe, no matter what you’re doing. This is the first book to take you deep inside craigslist and show you exactly how to get what you want there... whatever it might be!

You’ll Learn How To

     •    Quickly discover what craigslist offers in your city or neighborhood

     •    Write ads that get noticed—and get fast results

     •    Recognize and avoid scammers and identity thieves!

     •    Attract more people to your community event, concert, or yard sale

     •    Meet the partner of your dreams... safely!

     •    Build your small business, no matter what you sell

Jenna Lloyd has been using craigslist successfully since 2001 in both her business and personal life. She is a leading authority on online and multichannel retail marketing, an eBay PowerSeller, and currently helps others maximize their business profits through her company, Applied Force Marketing, LLC (www.appliedforcemarketing.com).

Sherry Kinkoph Gunter has written and edited scores of books over the past 16 years covering a wide variety of computer topics, including Microsoft Office, eBay,

digital photography, and Web applications.

Category Internet

Covers    craigslist

User Level    Beginning—Intermediate

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Safety First on craigslist

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Table of Contents



Part I craigslist 101

Chapter 1 Putting craigslist on the Map

A Simple Idea

The Best of Intentions

Looking into the Future

Who Is Craig Newmark?

    Craig’s Vision

    Change of Focus

    Nerd Values

    David and Goliath

    One to Watch

Craigslist Foundation: “Helping People Help”

From Here…

Chapter 2 Welcome to the Neighborhood

Navigating the Home Page

    Finding Your Way Home

Joining the Community

    Creating a Craigslist Account

Getting Around Town

    Exploring Your Neighborhood

    For Inquiring Minds

    Getting Involved

The Town Square

    Giving Yourself a Handle

    Getting Involved

    Dressing Up Your Posts

    Staking Your Claim

Roadside Assistance

Follow the Rules

From Here…

Chapter 3 Safety First

Internet Safety

    Secure Your Computer

    Protect Your Information

Spot Scammers Before They Spot You

    Out-of-Area Buyer

    Overpayment Scam

    Nigerian 4-1-9 Scam

Safe and Pleasant Transactions

Safe and Sound Online Dating

From Here…

Part II Posting on craigslist

Chapter 4 All About the Listings

Anatomy of a Listing

Playing By the Rules

The Posting Process

Getting Creative

The craigslist Police

Editing and Deleting Posts

From Here…

Chapter 5 Successful Listing Strategies

Example of an Unsuccessful Listing

Steps for Creating a Successful Listing

Step 1: Educate Yourself

Step 2: Set Your Goal(s)

Step 3: Take Pictures

Step 4: Write a Listing That Addresses Your Goal(s)

Strategies in Action

From Here…

Chapter 6 Listing in the Community

Get Out There: Activities

Get Together: Events, Classes, and Groups




Find What’s Missing: Lost+Found

Express Yourself: Artists and Musicians

Take Care of Baby: Childcare

What’s Happening: Local News, Politics, and General

Live Green: Rideshares

Get the Help You Need: Volunteers

Pets: A Controversial Issue

From Here…

Chapter 7 Listing in the Housing Section

Selling Solo

Move That Property in Real Estate for Sale

    An Agent’s Best Friend

    What Do You Have to Offer?

    What’s Going on Next Door?

    Map Out Your Information

Talk the Talk

    Focus on Your Target

    Leave Them Wanting More

    Put It on Paper

    A Flashing Neon Sign

    A Picture Is Worth…

Filling a Vacancy

Office/Commercial Property

    Know Your Business

    Location, Location, Location

    Getting It “Write”

Parking/Storage Rental

From Here…

Chapter 8 Listing in For Sale

Looking Through the For Sale Categories

Planning Your Ad

Writing Great Ads

    Writing a Great Posting Title

    Writing a Great Posting Description

    Tips for Category-Specific Listings

Ad Posting Basics

Responding to Contacts

Advertising No-No’s

From Here…

Chapter 9 Listing in Services

Phone Verification

Planning Your Marketing

    Don’t Keep Reinventing the Wheel

    Before You Do Anything Else

    Put On Your Advertising Exec Hat

Ready to Write!

    Offering Free Content

    Automotive Services

    Beauty Services

    Computer Services

    Creative Services

    Erotic Services

    Event Services

    Financial Services

    Household Services

    Labor and Moving Services

    Legal Services

    Lessons and Training

    Real Estate Services

    Skilled Trade Services

    Small Business Ads

    Therapeutic Services

    Travel and Vacation Services

    Writing, Editing, and Translating Services

From Here…

Chapter 10 Listing in Jobs and Gigs

Comparing Online Job Resources

Looking Through Job Categories

Writing a Successful Job Listing

    Listing Basics

    Beyond Basics

    Posting a Job Listing

Posting Gigs

Responding to Applicants

From Here…

Chapter 11 Listing in Resumes

Knowledge Is Power

    Your Most Important Sale

    Dealing with Job Search Jitters

    What to Look For

    Where to Look

    What to Do with the Information

Your Features and Benefits

    It’s All in the Numbers

Define Your Marketing Strategy

Create a Killer Resume

    From the Top

    Getting It All Down

From Here…

Chapter 12 Listing in Personals

Deciphering the Code

What Do You Really Want?

    Nine Secrets for Successful Online Relationships

Igniting Sparks

    Thinking Long-Term

    Thinking Short-Term

Strictly Platonic: Making New Friends

Missed Connections: Finding Someone Who Caught Your Eye

Rants and Raves: Expressing Yourself

Put It in Writing

From Here…

Part III The Other Side of craigslist

Chapter 13 Responding to Listings

Locating What You Want

How to Reply

From Here…

Chapter 14 Keeping Busy with Listings

Enriching Your Life with the Community








    Lost and Found


    Local News





Catapult Your Career in Jobs and Gigs

    Job Search Tips

    Perusing the Job Listings

    Perusing the Gigs

    Responding to Job Listings

Fill Your Social Calendar with the Personals

    Warning: Enter at Your Own Risk

    Personals Categories: Something for Everyone

From Here…

Chapter 15 Win-Win Results in Listings

Find Your New Abode in Housing

    Looking for Houses or Apartments to Rent

    Finding Rooms or Roommates

    Seeking Sublets or Temporary Spots

    Housing Wanted

    Swapping Houses

    Finding Vacation Rentals

    Searching for Storage Space

    Looking for Commercial Space

    Real Estate for Sale

Let’s Make a Deal in Merchandise

Get It Done with Services

Fill That Job Opening in Resumes

From Here…

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