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CompTIA A+ Exam Prep (Exams A+ Essentials, 220-602, 220-603, 220-604)

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CompTIA A+ Exam Prep (Exams A+ Essentials, 220-602, 220-603, 220-604)

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  • Copyright 2008
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3565-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3565-2

This book covers every skill measured by the latest A+ Exams including:

  • Understanding all essential PC terminology, concepts, internal components, and peripherals
  • Installing, upgrading, configuring, and optimizing PC components
  • Troubleshooting hardware and performing essential preventive maintenance
  • Mastering today’s best practices for professionalism and client communications
  • Managing storage, printers, and scanners
  • Maintaining laptops and other portable devices
  • Performing advanced component installation, upgrade, and troubleshooting
  • Installing, upgrading, repairing, and optimizing all Windows operating systems covered on the A+ exams
  • Securing PCs and safeguarding their contents against data loss
  • Setting up networks and troubleshooting network connectivity issues
  • Understanding and managing computer-related safety and environmental issues


Charles J. Brooks is currently co-owner and vice president of Educational Technologies Group Inc., as well as co-owner of eITPrep LLP, an online training company. He is in charge of research and product development at both organizations. A former electronics instructor and technical writer with the National Education Corporation, Charles taught and wrote on post-secondary EET curriculum, including introductory electronics, transistor theory, linear integrated circuits, basic digital theory, industrial electronics, microprocessors, and computer peripherals. Charles has authored several books, including the first five editions of A+ Certification Training Guide, The Complete Introductory Computer Course, and IBM PC Peripheral Troubleshooting and Repair. He also writes about networking, residential technology integration, and convergence.

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  • Multiple test modes, so you can study in the way that’s most comfortable for you
  • Detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers help you thoroughly understand every A+ topic
  • Helps you quickly identify your strengths—and fix your weaknesses


ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3565-2

ISBN-10: 0-7897-3565-2 

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CompTIA A+ Exam Prep: Microprocessors

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Basic PC Terms and Concepts

Chapter 2 PC System Boards

Chapter 3 Microprocessors

Chapter 4 Random Access Memory (RAM)

Chapter 5 Data Storage Systems

Chapter 6 Ports and Peripherals

Chapter 7 Installing, Upgrading, Configuring, and Optimizing PC Components         

Chapter 8 Basic Troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance Techniques    

Chapter 9 Advanced PC Troubleshooting

Chapter 10 Portable Computer Fundamentals

Chapter 11 Maintaining and Repairing Portable Computers

Chapter 12 Windows Operating Systems

Chapter 13 Major Windows Structures

Chapter 14 Installing and Upgrading Operating Systems

Chapter 15 Optimizing Operating Systems

Chapter 16 Operating System Utilities

Chapter 17 Basic Operating System Troubleshooting and Maintenance        

Chapter 18 Printers and Scanners

Chapter 19 Printer and Scanner Servicing

Chapter 20 Basic Networking Concepts

Chapter 21 Installing Local Area Networks (LANs)

Chapter 22 Wide Area Networking

Chapter 23 Network Troubleshooting

Chapter 24 Security

Chapter 25 Safety and Environmental Issues

Chapter 26 Professionalism and Communication

Chapter 27 Advanced PC Component Installations and Upgrades

Chapter 28 Essentials Practice Exam

Chapter 29 IT Tech Practice Exam

Chapter 30 Depot Practice Exam

Chapter 31 Remote Support Practice Exam

Appendix What’s on the CD-ROM



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