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Complete Java Training Course, 5th Edition

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Complete Java Training Course, 5th Edition


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  • NEW - Detailed coverage of Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4 and the newest enterprise development techniques, including Web development with JSP and servlets.
    • Teaches students using the latest version of Java 2 now in widespread use.

  • NEW - Extensive coverage of core design patterns for effective Java development.
    • Introduces students to the key design concepts needed to build robust, scalable, high-performance enterprise software with Java.

  • NEW - New and updated coverage of JDBC and SQL, n-tier and Web application development, servlets and JSP, and XML processing with the Java XML library.
    • Helps students focus on the areas of Java development that are in the highest demand now, and are expected to remain in high demand for years to come.

  • NEW - One-click access to the latest edition of Deitel & Associates, Inc. 1,500-page introductory Java textbook, Java How to Program, Fifth Edition.
    • Gives students fast, direct access to deeper answers and insights on any issue or question they may have about Java development.

  • Fully integrated learning experience—Contains more than 15 hours of live audio explanations, plus walkthroughs of more than 250 complete, ready-to-run programs—20,500+ lines of live code students can load, run, and adapt.
    • Helps reinforce student learning through video, audio, text, and hands-on code examples—an approach proven to accelerate mastery.

  • Broad coverage of Java 2 programming techniques—Starts with basic syntax, control structures, and object-oriented techniques; then moves on to graphics, Swing user interface programming, multithreading, multimedia, network programming, and other sophisticated techniques.
    • Prepares students for whatever Java development challenges they are likely to encounter, while providing a firm foundation in the key Java concepts and techniques they will constantly rely upon.

  • Hundreds of interactive self-review questions and programming exercises—Includes both simple and complex exercises that can easily be tailored to the needs of specific courses and instructors.
    • Provides constant feedback and reinforcement to ensure that students understand the material they are learning.

  • Hundreds of tips and ideas for maximizing performance, interoperability, and reusability—Gives students practical, hard-won insights they would otherwise have to learn from real-world development projects.
    • Helps students become effective Java developers far more quickly.

  • UML design case study. Teaches students how to perform object-oriented analysis and design for Java software using UML, the industry standard notation.
    • Goes beyond coding to help students master critical object-oriented design and analysis skills that will differentiate them in a crowded marketplace.

  • Extensive troubleshooting coverage—Covers a wide range of troubleshooting topics and techniques.
    • Shows students how to avoid and resolve the most common problems in Java development.


  • Copyright 2003
  • Dimensions: 7 1/4 X 9 1/2
  • Pages: 1500
  • Edition: 5th
  • DVD
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-101766-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-101766-5

Master Java development with this award-winning multimedia CD-ROM and book package!

Introducing Web programming with servlets, JSP™, and JDBC™, and OOD with UML and Design Patterns

  • Master today’s key Java development skills hands on, with real programs and expert instruction from world-renowned authors and corporate trainers!
  • Listen and learn as Deitel & Associates trainers and authors describe 219 programs (23,000+ lines of code) in 17+ hours of detailed audio instruction
  • Coverage includes syntax, program control, object-oriented development, graphics, GUI development, exception handling, multithreading, files/streams, networking, multimedia, data structures, collections and more!
  • Features a complete UML/OOD case study with in-depth coverage of object-oriented design, use case and class diagrams, association, composition—and even statechart, activity, sequence and collaboration diagrams!
  • Includes the best-selling, 1,536-page Java text Java How to Program, Fifth Edition—in print and searchable electronic version on CD-ROM

Created by leading corporate trainers Deitel & Associates, Inc., this hands-on, interactive training course combines the world’s #1 Java training CD-ROM—The Java 2 Multimedia Cyber Classroom, Fifth Edition—and the leading Java textbook, Java How to Program, Fifth Edition. Start with basic syntax, then master flow, control, methods, arrays, objects, strings, graphics, GUI development, exceptions, multithreading, files/streams, networking, multimedia, data structures, collections and more. This new edition contains enhanced coverage of inheritance and polymorphism, NIO, Web development with JDBC™, servlets and JSP™. It also contains an end-to-end object-oriented design learning experience, fully updated for the latest UML™ standard. With its unique combination of live code, audio commentary and in-depth printed and online explanations, you’ll master Java faster than you ever thought possible!

  • More than 17 hours of detailed audio instruction walks you through 219 complete, ready-to-run programs—23,000+ lines of live code you can load, run and adapt! Key code segments are highlighted in yellow.
  • Test your knowledge with hundreds of interactive self-review questions and programming exercises.
  • Get fast, in-depth answers from the fully searchable electronic copy of Java How to Program, Fifth Edition!
  • Discover hundreds of tips and ideas for maximizing performance, interoperability and reusability—and for avoiding and troubleshooting problems!
The World’s #1 Introductory Java Developer’s Guide!
  • Start-to-finish, 1,536-page guide to development with Java!
  • Covers all this: application and applet development, Swing GUIs, event handling, Web/Internet programming with servlets, JSP and JDBC, object-oriented development, graphics/multimedia, networking, I/O, data structures, collections and more!
  • Includes comprehensive object-oriented design case study using the newest version of the UML standard!
  • Contains hundreds of tips and tricks for building more robust, reliable, portable, high-performance code

The authors can be contacted at: deitel@deitel.com—visit: www.deitel.com, www.prenhall.com/deitel and www.Informit.com/deitel

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Bonus 2nd CD-ROM contains SUN J2SE™ 1.4.1 Software Development Kit, Sun ONE Studio 4 Community Edition integrated development environment and more!

System RequirementsWindows® 98/NT 4/2000/XP
200 MB disk space
CD-ROM drive
Sound card support

Raves for Deitel Development Books and Training Courses!

I recently purchased The Java Multimedia Cyber Classroom. I found this multimedia disc to be the best investment I ever made. This interactive way of presenting Java is awesome...if you have anything like this for other programs, I want to purchase all of them.

Robert O’Meara

I’ve been working with Java for about a year and have worked through a number of books—including a book in preparation for the Sun Java Programmer’s Certification—but yours is the best so far, and I am only on Chapter 4. I’m talking about the 3rd edition of Java How to Program. I like everything about it: the tips, summaries, terminology, programming errors and good programming practices, and all the exercises. Your teaching style is recursive, and that is about the best compliment I know—I believe it is the best way to teach. With any luck, I will be ready for the test in a few months. So, thanks!

Ed Byrnes

Sample Content

Table of Contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. Introduction to Applications.

 3. Introduction to Applets.

 4. Control Structures: Part 1.

 5. Control Structures: Part 2.

 6. Methods.

 7. Arrays.

 8. Object-Based Programming.

 9. Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance.

10. Object-Oriented Programming: Polymorphism.

11. Strings and Characters.

12. Graphics and Java2D.

13. Graphical User Interfaces: Part 1.

14. Graphical User Interfaces: Part 2.

15. Exception Handling.

16. Multithreading.

17. Files and Streams.

18. Networking.

19. Multimedia.

20. Data Structures.

21. Java Utilities and Bit Manipulation.

22. Collections.

23. Java Database Connectivity.

24. Servlets.

25. JavaServer Pages.

Appendix A. Java Demos.

Appendix B. Java Resources.

Appendix C. Operator Precedence.

Appendix D. ASCII.

Appendix E. Number Systems.

Appendix F. Javadoc.

Appendix G. Elevator Events/Listeners.

Appendix H. Elevator Model.

Appendix I. Elevator View.

Appendix J. Career Opportunities.

Appendix K. Unicode.


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