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Branding Strategies for Success (Collection)

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Branding Strategies for Success (Collection)

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  • Copyright 2009
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-303901-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-303901-6

3 breakthrough guides to building, revitalizing, and sustaining great brands — and profiting from them!

In three indispensable books, you’ll discover powerful new ways to build, rebuild, and sustain any brand — and leverage branding to supercharge profits and growth. In Six Rules for Brand Revitalization, Larry Light and Joan Kiddon teach the invaluable lessons of one of history’s most successful brand revitalizations: the reinvigoration of McDonald’s®. Drawing on that experience, the authors introduce a systematic blueprint for resurrecting any brand, and driving it to unprecedented success. Learn how to refocus your entire organization around common goals and a common brand promise...restore brand relevance based on profound knowledge of your customers... leverage innovation to reinvent your total brand experience… create a “plan to win,” and execute on it. The Truth About Creating Brands People Love reveals 51 bite-size, easy-to-use techniques for building great brands, and keeping them great. Learn powerful truths about positioning brands and developing brand meaning; using brands to drive corporate profits; managing advertising, pricing, and segmentation, and much more. Finally, What’s Your Story?: Storytelling to Move Markets, Audiences, People and Brands shows how to leverage the universal human activity of storytelling: your most powerful, most underutilized tool for competitive advantage. Legendary business thinkers Ryan Mathews and Watts Wacker help you take control of the stories your business tells, make them believable and unforgettable, make them move your customers to act!

From world-renowned leaders and experts, including Larry Light, Joan Kiddon, Brian D. Till, Donna D. Heckler, Ryan Mathews, and Watts Wacker

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Six Rules for Brand Revitalization: Learn How Companies Like McDonald' Can Re-Energize Their Brands

Acknowledgments    xiii

About the Authors    xv

Preface    xvii

Introduction to the Rules and the Rules-Based Practices    1

Chapter 1  Background to the Turnaround    3

Chapter 2  The Six Rules of Revitalization    31

Chapter 3  Rule #1: Refocus the Organization    41

Chapter 4  Rule #2: Restore Brand Relevance    59

Chapter 5  Rule #3: Reinvent the Brand Experience    89

Chapter 6  Rule #4: Reinforce a Results Culture    143

Chapter 7  Rule #5: Rebuild Brand Trust    161

Chapter 8  Rule #6: Realize Global Alignment    181

Chapter 9  Realizing Global Alignment: Creating a Plan to Win    189

Chapter 10  Do the Six Rules of Revitalization Work?    201

Index    207

The Truth About Creating Brands People Love

Preface    ix

Truth 1  Managing brands is not common sense    1

Truth 2  No one loves your brand as much as you love it    5

Truth 3  The brand is not owned by marketing; everyone owns it    9

Truth 4  Making more by doing less    13

Truth 5  Does your brand keep its promise?    17

Truth 6  Price is the communication of the value of your brand    21

Truth 7  Brand personality is the emotional connection with your brand    25

Truth 8  Does your sales force know the difference between a product and a brand?    29

Truth 9  Beware of the discounting minefield    33

Truth 10  Packaging protects your product; great packaging protects your brand    37

Truth 11  Brand management is association management    41

Truth 12  The retail experience is the brand experience    45

Truth 13  Corporate ego: Danger ahead    49

Truth 14  Brand metrics: Best measure of success?    53

Truth 15  Customer complaints are a treasure    57

Truth 16  Brand stewardship begins at home    61

Truth 17  Market share doesn’t matter    65

Truth 18  Avoid the most common segmentation mistake    69

Truth 19  Public relations and damage control: The defining moment    73

Truth 20  Focus equals simplicity    77

Truth 21  Marketing is courtship, not combat    81

Truth 22  Don’t sacrifice brand focus for sales    85

Truth 23  The medium is not the message; the message is the message    89

Truth 24  Brand development and the small business    93

Truth 25  Imitation is an ineffective form of flattery    97

Truth 26  Positioning lives in the mind of your target customer    101

Truth 27  The value of brand loyalty    105

Truth 28  Quality is not an effective branding message    109

Truth 29  Effective use of celebrity endorsers: The fit’s the thing    113

Truth 30  Brand-building consumer promotion    117

Truth 31  Advertising built for the long run    121

Truth 32  A service brand is a personal brand    125

Truth 33  Is your brand the best at something? If so, be satisfied    129

Truth 34  Great positionings are enduring    133

Truth 35  Effective branding begins with the name    137

Truth 36  Your brand makes your company powerful, not the other way around    141

Truth 37  Be consistent but not complacent    145

Truth 38  Is your brand different? If not, why will someone buy it?    149

Truth 39  The three M’s of taglines: Meaningful, motivating, and memorable

Truth 40  Customer service is the touch point of your brand     157

Truth 41  Smaller targets are easier to hit     161

Truth 42  Beware of the allure of brand extensions     165

Truth 43  Keep advertising simple, but not simplistic    169

Truth 44  It’s a long walk from the focus group room to the cash register    173

Truth 45  Repositioning can be a fool’s chase    177

Truth 46  With advertising, don’t expect too much    181

Truth 47  Don’t let testing override judgment    185

Truth 48  Effective advertising is 90% what you say, 10% how you say it    189

Truth 49  Compromise can destroy a brand    193

Truth 50  Don’t let the pizazz outshine the brand    197

Truth 51  There are no commodity products, only commodity thinking    201

References    205

Acknowledgments    209

About the Authors    211

What's Your Story?: Storytelling to Move Markets, Audiences, People, and Brands

Introduction    1

1  The Story of Stories    5

2  Truth Stories Versus True Stories    17

3  The 10 Functions of Storytelling    26

4  The Abolition of Context    38

5  Who Owns Your Brand?    45

6  Five Critical Story Themes    66

7  Five Stages of Business Evolution    83

8  Applied Storytelling 101: Industries    98

9  Applied Storytelling 101: The Corporation    112

10  Applied Storytelling 101: The Brand    132

11  Applied Storytelling 101: The Individual    154

12  The Storyteller’s Toolbox    168

Epilogue  A New Story for a New Century    185

Endnotes    189


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