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Bertrand Meyer's .NET Training Course

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Bertrand Meyer's .NET Training Course


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: S
  • Pages: 1
  • Edition: 1st
  • DVD
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-033115-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-033115-1

Don't wait another day to get started with tomorrow's most important enterprise development technology! Master .NET hands-on with this start-to-finish multimedia training course. Based on Bertrand Meyer's amazing in person .NET seminar, this course delivers all the guidance and code you need to get results with .NET — now! You'll start with the "big picture" then gain insider's insights into .NET's advantages, architecture, runtime, object model, deployment, and migration. Discover practical techniques for working with every key .NET technology, from C# to ASP+, SOAP to .NET frameworks, and beyond. It's all the .NET you need, in one box!

Video lectures from one of the world's top .NET experts!
  • 6+ hours of comprehensive digital seminars on every aspect of the .NET platform — planning through coding!
  • Covers every key .NET technology! C#, ASP+, ADO+, SOAP, and more
  • Real-world insights into .NET deployment, migration, handling legacy code, and more
  • Workbook includes all lecture slides, background material, and .NET glossary

All the .NET skills you need, in one box!

  • .NET in 15 minutes: an insider's overview
  • .NET and Internet-centered mission-critical applications
  • Beyond the limits of yesterday's components
  • .NET architecture: runtime, framework, platform, and web services
  • .NET runtime vs. Java Virtual Machine
  • The MSIL intermediate language: security, variability, and more
  • Managed code
  • C++ under .NET: Managed and unmanaged versions
  • Assemblies & metadata: Organizing and extending your components
  • Equipping components with contracts.
  • .NET object model and type system
  • Classes, methods, fields, properties and events
  • .NET types: reference and value types, array types, arrays
  • Inheritance concepts: multiple interface inheritance, novariance
  • Encapsulating behavior: delegates
  • Understanding C#: Microsoft's new .NET programming language
  • Language interoperability: Java, C++, VB, and more
  • Cross-language inheritance and debugging
  • The Common Language System
  • Visual Studio.NET: a common multi-language development environment
  • Frameworks and applications
  • Web and Win Forms
  • Remoting and threading
  • ASP+: advanced e-commerce & Web solutions
  • Web services, SOAP, and Building Block Services
  • Database access and manipulation: ADO
  • The significance and future of .NET
  • Corporate strategies: Getting ready for .NET


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