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Beginning Open Source Development on Linux LiveLessons

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  • Copyright 2017
  • Edition: 1st
  • Online Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-459757-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-459757-7

6+ Hours of Video Instruction

Get started developing applications on Linux!


Beginning Open Source Development on Linux LiveLessons provides an introduction to the world of Open Source Software (OSS) development so you can quickly acquire the skills you need to develop in a Linux environment. This video teaches you everything you need to know to gain a solid foundation in the concepts of OSS as well as an introduction to essential Linux functions. You will also discover which programming languages are available before exploring specific languages, including BASH shell scripting, Perl, Python, C, C++, and Java. An introduction to GIT, a tool that allows for version control of software products, is also included.

Skill Level

  • Beginning
What You Will Learn
  • Open Source development in Linux fundamentals
Who Should Take This Course
  • Any individual who wants to create Open Source Software on Linux-based systems.
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Sample Content

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Open Source Software
1.1 Understand Open Source
1.2 Open Source licensing

Lesson 2: Introduction to Linux
2.1 Access a Linux system
2.2 Use the GUI
2.3 Understand basic command-line execution
Lesson 2 Exercise
Lesson 2 Exercise Solution

Lesson 3: The Linux Filesystem
3.1 Understand the filesystem
3.2 Navigate the filesystem
3.3 Manage the filesystem
Lesson 3 Exercise
Lesson 3 Exercise Solution

Lesson 4: Essential Linux Commands
4.1 Explore command-line tools
4.2 Examine test editors
Lesson 4 Exercise
Lesson 4 Exercise Solution

Lesson 5: Essential Linux System Administration Tasks
5.1 Grasp essential tasks
5.2 Manage user accounts
Lesson 5 Exercise
Lesson 5 Exercise Solution

Lesson 6: Linux Programming Languages
6.1 Examine scripting languages
6.2 Examine structured languages
Lesson 6 Exercise
Lesson 6 Exercise 6 Solution

Lesson 7: Bash Shell Scripting
7.1 Understand shell scripting basics
7.2 Explore flow control
7.3 Interact with the user
7.4 Explore the Microsoft Bash shell
Lesson 7 Exercise
Lesson 7 Exercise Solution

Lesson 8: Perl Scripting
8.1 Understand Perl scripting basics
8.2 Utilize flow control in Perl
8.3 Explore additional Perl features
Lesson 8 Exercise
Lesson 8 Exercise Solution

Lesson 9: Python Scripting
9.1 Understand Python scripting basics
9.2 Utilize flow control in Python
9.3 Explore additional Python features
Lesson 9 Exercise
Lesson 9 Exercise Solution

Lesson 10: C, C++, and Java
10.1 Understand system libraries
10.2 Build packages
10.3 Explore Java installation and basics
Lesson 10 Exercise
Lesson 10 Exercise Solution

Lesson 11: GIT Essentials
11.1 Understand revision control concepts
11.2 Install GIT
11.3 Understand GIT concepts and features
Lesson 11 Exercise
Lesson 11 Exercise Solution

Lesson 12: File Management with GIT
12.1 Stage and commit
12.2 Handle branches
Lesson 12 Exercise
Lesson 12 Exercise Solution

Lesson 13: Manage Differences in Files
13.1 Execute diffs
13.2 Merge files
Lesson 13 Exercise
Lesson 13 Exercise Solution

Lesson 14: Advanced GIT Features
14.1 Manage repositories
14.2 Implement patching
Lesson 14 Exercise
Lesson 14 Exercise Solution


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