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Bad Pics Fixed Quick: How to Fix Lousy Digital Pictures

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Bad Pics Fixed Quick: How to Fix Lousy Digital Pictures


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10"
  • Pages: 240
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3209-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3209-5

Millions of Americans own digital cameras. Millions of Americans also struggle with producing great quality photos from their digital cameras. With a "try this, then this" approach, Bad Pics Fixed Quick: How to Fix Lousy Digital Pictures is a clear, easy-to-follow instructional guide on how to turn your digital camera nightmares into nearly-flawless pictures that you're not afraid to print. The book's primary focus is on using Adobe Photoshop Elements software, but it does give you advice and tips that are applicable to any image editing software. You made a big investment when you purchased your digital camera. Make it a worthwhile one by learning how to get the most out of it with Bad Pics Fixed Quick!

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Zooming In on the Most Important Part of the Digital Photo

Zooming In on the Most Important Part of the Picture

Table of Contents



1. Making Quick Fixes with Photoshop Elements.

    Select an Editing Mode.

    Quick Fix Mode.

      Navigate the Quick Fix Workspace.

      Apply Quick Fix Operations.

    Standard Edit Mode.

      Navigate the Standard Edit Workspace.

      Use Standard Edit Tools.

      Use Elements's Palettes.

    Work with Layers.

    Before You Fix a Pic, Make a Copy.

2. How to Fix Only Chapter of a Picture.

    Why You Don't Always Need to Fix Your Entire Picture.

    Select a Squarish Area with the Rectangular Marquee Tool.

    Select a Roundish Area with the Elliptical Marquee Tool.

    Select an Area of Color with the Magic Wand Tool.

    Select a Hard-Edged Area with the Magnetic Lasso Tool.

    Select an Irregular-Shaped Area with the Lasso Tool.

    Select Multiple Objects.

    Soften the Border of Your Selection.


3. Zooming In on the Most Important Chapter of the Picture.

    Why Some Pictures Need Cropping.

    Perform a Freehand Crop with the Crop Tool.

    Crop to a Specific Size.

    How to Avoid Cropping.

4. Making Your Pictures Smaller for the Internet.

    Why You Need Smaller Pictures Online.


      Physical Size.

      File Size.

    Use the Save for Web Feature.

    Resize Your Picture Incrementally.

      Step One: Reduce the Resolution.

      Step Two: Shrink the Picture-Then Sharpen It.

      Step Three: Save the Smaller Picture.

    How to Avoid Resizing-or Not.

5. Making Your Pictures Larger for Prints.

    How to Print a Small Picture Big.

      More Resolution Is Better.

      A Bigger Size Is Better.

    Increase the Resolution.

    Resize in a Single Step.

    Resize Incrementally.

    How to Avoid the Pixelation Problem.


6. Fixing Tilted Pictures.

    Straighten the Picture Automatically.

    Manually Rotate the Picture.

    Rotate with a Grid.

     Rotate an Object or Area Within a Picture.

    How to Avoid Taking Tilted Pictures.

7. Fixing Pictures That Are Too Dark.

    One-Button Brightening with Auto Contrast.

    Lighten the Shadows.

    Adjust the Brightness and Contrast.

    Adjust the Black and White Levels.

    Add a Brighter Layer.

    Brighten Just Part of a Picture.

      Select the Area to Fix.

      Quick Fixes.

      Fix It with Layers.

      Paint It Lighter with the Dodge Tool.

    How to Avoid Taking Dark Pictures.

8. Fixing Pictures That Are Too Light.

    One-Button Darkening with Auto Contrast.

    Darken the Highlights.

    Adjust the Brightness and Contrast.

    Adjust the Black and White Levels.

    Add a Darker Layer.

    Darken Only Part of the Picture.

       Select the Area to Fix.

      Quick Fixes.

      Fix It with Layers.

      Paint It Darker with the Burn Tool.

    How to Avoid Taking Light Pictures.

9. Fixing Bad Color.

    Auto Color Correction.

    Remove the Color Cast.

    Choose Different Color Variations.

    Change the Hue and Saturation.

    Adjust the Color Manually.

    Fix the Color of Only Part of Your Picture.

      Correct Color for a Selected Area.

    Change the Color Saturation for a Small Area.

    How to Avoid Taking Pictures with Poor Color.

10. Fixing Soft and Blurry Pictures.

    Subtle Sharpening with Auto Sharpen.

    Control the Amount of Sharpening.

    Create Sharper Edges with the Unsharp Mask Filter.

    Artificially Enhance Edges with an Embossed Layer.

    Sharpen Just Part of a Picture.

      Sharpen a Selected Area.

      Use the Sharpen Tool.

    How to Avoid Taking Blurry Pictures.

11. Fixing Grainy Pictures.

    Remove Graininess with the Despeckle Filter.

    Blur the Grain Away with the Blur Filter.

     Apply Heavier Blurring with the Blur More Filter.

    Even More Blurring with the Median Filter.

    Fine-tune Grain Removal with the Dust & Scratches Filter.

    Remove Color Noise.

      Soften Only Part of a Picture.

      Soften a Selected Area.

       Use the Blur Tool.

    How to Avoid Taking Grainy Pictures.


12. Eliminating Red Eye.

    Recolor Red Eye with Red Eye Removal Tool.

    Fix Pets' Red Eye.

      Use the Red Eye Removal Tool.

      Paint the Pupil Black.

    How to Avoid Red Eye.

13. Getting Rid of Circles Under the Eyes.

    Lighten the Circles with the Dodge Tool.

    Replace Dark Skin with the Healing Brush Tool.

    How to Avoid Shooting Circles Under the Eyes.

14. Softening Wrinkles.

    Heal Wrinkles with the Healing Brush Tool.

    Create a More Subtle Softening with Layers.

    How to Avoid Shooting Wrinkles.

15. Removing Blemishes.

    Remove Small Blemishes with the Spot Healing Brush Tool.

    Replace Bigger Blemishes with the Healing Brush Tool.

    How to Avoid Photos with Blemishes.

16. Whitening Yellow Teeth.

    Brighten the Smile with the Dodge Tool.

    Change the Color of the Teeth with the Hue/Saturation Control.

    How to Shoot Whiter Teeth.

17. Getting Rid of Braces.

    Paint Over the Braces with the Brush Tool.

    Clone Stamp Tool.

    How Not to Take a Picture with Braces.

18. Taming Unruly Hair.

    Replace Messy Hair with the Clone Stamp Tool.

    Change the Hair Color.

    How to Shoot Better Hair.

19. Smoothing Skin Tone and Color.

    Adjust the Skin Color.

    Smooth the Skin-and Make It Glow.

    How to Shoot Better-looking Skin.

20. Making a Plain Face More Glamorous.

    Fix the Obvious Flaws.

    Smooth the Skin Tone.

     Dull the Shiny Skin.

    Enhance the Lip Color.

    Whiten the Eyes.

    Enhance the Eye Color.

    Change the Eye Color.

    Widen the Smile.

    Thin Those Chubby Cheeks.

    Give a Digital Nose Job.

    How to Shoot a More Glamorous Photo.


21. Changing the Color of an Object.

    Recolor an Object with the Hue/Saturation Control.

    Change Colors with an Adjustment Layer.

    How to Make Recoloring Easier.

22. Changing Backgrounds.

    Paste a New Background into Your Picture.



    Change More Than the Sky.

    Create a New Photo Backdrop.

    How to Shoot Better Backgrounds.

23. Removing Unwanted Objects (or People!).

    Crop It Out of the Image.

    Clone It Away.

    How to Shoot Cleaner Pictures.

24. Reducing Glare and Flare.

    Clone Over Glasses Glare.

    Copy a Good Eye Over a Glared-Out Eye.

    Burn Away Lens Flare.

    Clone Over Lens Flare.

    How to Avoid Glare and Flare.

25. Restoring Scratched and Faded Prints.

    Crop Any Ragged Edges.

    Adjust the Brightness and Contrast.

    Correct the Color Levels.

    Remove Dust and Scratches.

    Resharpen the Picture.

    Repair Rips and Tears.

    Reconstruct Missing Areas.

    How to Make a Better Scan.

26. Turning a Bad Color Photo into a Good Black-and-White One.

    Remove the Color.

    Readjust the Picture's Brightness and Contrast Levels.

    Hide Blatant Defects by Adding Noise to the Picture.

    Create a Sepia-Tone Picture.

    How to Avoid Taking Really Bad Pictures.



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