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Arciniegas:C++ XML B/cd _p1


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1052-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1052-8

"C++ XML" is a book exclusively devoted to the power and complexities of integrating XML standards into C++. As a developer, this is a book you cannot miss. "C++ XML" addresses all major standards, toolkits, and types of applications dealing with XML as a format for representing and exchanging data, as well as XML behavior, from a C++ standpoint. It explains the implementation of applications and reusable frameworks for all major XML purposes exclusively using C/C++ parsers and toolkits, such as expat, Xerces, Xalan, libxml2, and Microsoft's MSXML. The high-end theory and examples in this book - such as development of OpenGL applications, Visual Studio Wizards to automate DOM procedures, GIMP extension to interpret XML scripts, and more - and its exclusive C++ orientation - separates this work from any other resource (online and offline). It is a must-have for any programmer interested in a specialized, complete, and detailed view of XML technologies. This book will show you how to master: -All major XML technologies addressed exclusively from the C++ perspective (C++ SAX, DOM, XSLT, Xpath, and more) -Every aspect of efficient server-side, standalone, and client-side C++ development for XML -Extensions to your C++ programs, allowing seamless XML and database integration -Advanced techniques for the development of Windows and graphic Linux XML applications -Important concepts using examples showing applications of C++ libraries and XML (MFC, OpenGL, ODBC, GTK, and more) The CD-ROM included with this book contains: Hundreds of MB of working code, showcasing C++ exclusive applications of all major XML standards and toolkits, including (but not limited to) MSXML, Xerces, Xalan, Xpath, XSLT, SAX 2.0, DOM Level 2, and SOAP. Every line of code in the book is supported by a working program.

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Table of Contents



1. XML: Constructs and Concepts.

Basic Constructs. DTDs. Namespaces. Summary.

2. XML/C++ Overview.

The XML Family of Technologies. APIs. Applications. Summary.


3. Event-Driven Processing.

The Event-Driven Model. Expat. Other C/C++ Toolkits. Summary.

4. SAX C++.

A Hands-On Introduction. SAX C++ Structure. SAX 1.0. Summary.

5. SAX C++ 2.0 and Advanced Techniques.

Common Interfaces. The Base Handlers. Interfaces and Classes Exclusive to SAX 2.0. Summary.

6. DOM Level 2.0.

DOM Basics. DOM History. DOM Nature. A Hands-On Example: An XML Editor. A Guide to Core Interfaces. A Complete Example: An XML Editor. Summary.

7. Advanced C++ DOM Manipulation.

Binding the Document Model to a Native _Model. Extending the DOM with Visitors. Summary and Further Steps.

8. Advanced C++ Aspects of SAX and DOM.

C++ SAX Versus C++ DOM. C++ SAX Plus C++ DOM. Memory Management in C++ SAX. Memory Management in C++ DOM. Summary.


9. XML Schema, TREX, and Other Modeling Languages.

XML Schema: The Language. C++ Tools for XML Schema. TREX: The Language. C++ Tools for TREX: Lorenza. RELAX and Schematron. Summary.

10. XPath and XPointer in C++.

XPath by Example. XPath, Formally. C++ Manipulation of Xpath. Xpointer. C++ Manipulation of Xpointer. The XPointer Class. Summary.

11. XSLT Transformations.

XSLT. XSLT in C++. Summary.

12. Toolkit Features and Implementation Frameworks.

Xerces/Xalan. MSXML. Summary.


13. Creating XML-Based Extension Languages for C++ Programs.

Creating Program Tree Objects from XML. Summary.

14. Distributed C++ XML Applications: SOAP and XML-RPC.

An Introduction to the Problem. SOAP 1.1. XML-RPC. A Standalone C++ Calculator Service. A Standalone C++ Client. Summary.

15. XML and Databases with C++ (ODBC and DAO).

XML's Role in Database Representation. C++ Implementation Options. Adaptor APIs. Extra C++ Database Resources. Summary.



Class Diagrams. Interaction Diagrams.


STL Nature and Components.

C. CD Contents and Instructions.

Requirements. Platforms. Organization. Installation Instructions. Program Updates. The Extra-Goodies Directory. Splash Screens and CSS Setup.



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