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Agile Transformation: Using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework to Think and Lead Differently

Agile Transformation: Using the Integral Agile Transformation Framework to Think and Lead Differently

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  • Copyright 2021
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 288
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-313738-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-313738-5

Most organizational leaders have recognized that agility is paramount to their organization's survival. Still, many have abandoned their Agile Transformations in the past, only to come back for a second (or third) attempt, perhaps with a different approach, or a different vendor. Why? The painful stories from Enterprise Agile coaches are largely the same: management doesn’t get it, culture doesn't change, no meaningful customer involvement; or, Agile works, but our organizational processes, structures and leadership don’t align with our new way of working. As leaders, we are being asked to see into the future as never before, challenged with our VUCA world, asked to upgrade the thinking behind our thinking. In short, we are in over our heads, struggling to fulfill the promise of Agile with the organization -- and internal leader's operating system -- that we currently have.

Agile Transformation is founded on the Integral Agile Transformation Framework ™ (IATF), which utilizes the power of Integral thinking to help us gain a thoroughly fresh perspective on Agile Transformations. Integral is natively systemic, intentionally multi-leveled (individuals up to organizations), inherently subjectively oriented (heart-centered) and objectively oriented (data-driven), providing a left and right-brain integrated approach. The Integral view looks with compassion at the different and conflicting worldviews, offering us clarity and new ways of understanding each other and our own world. Most importantly, the IATF does not attempt to replace any other models or applications; rather, it gives them all a clear place within an understandable meta-framework, one that provides a sort of universal addressing system. Said another way, the IATF does not supersede the ‘applications’ (such as scaled frameworks or leadership or culture models), rather it provides a map or addressing system within which all these applications have a place, and a clear relationship to each other. The Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ reveals each application’s inherent strengths, limitations, and what other apps might support it. It is neutral in the sense that it’s not biased to one approach, but accommodates and maps all equally. 

The first portion of the book is devoted to helping the Transformation Leader download this organizational operating system for their organization’s transformation efforts. The second portion of the book addresses the necessary upgrade to their own Leader’s Operating System (LOS), one that will allow to become an authentic Transformational Leader, one capable of actually leading such an organizational transformation.


Sample Content

Table of Contents

Part I - The Transformation Leader’s Operating System


Introduction — The Integral Approach to Transformation

The Integral Operating System

How This Book Can Change Your Perspective

How This Book is Organized

Part I - The Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ (IATF)

Part II — Transformational Leadership: Integrating the Heart, Mind & Will

Organization of Part I

Questions our Book Attempts to Address

Our Perspective (and biases)

Chap 1. The Holon: Fundamental Building Block of the Framework

Organizational Complexity


Four Patterns of Holons





Using Holon Patterns & Principles in Agile Transformations

Holon Principles for Transformation


Chap 2. The Quadrants: The Four Fundamental Perspectives

Deconstructing the Four Perspectives

How Each Quadrant Operates

How to Be Integral

Arguments between Quadrants

Applying Integral Quadrants in Agile Transformations

Typical Agile Approaches Mapped to the Quadrants

I Quadrant

IT Quadrant

WE Quadrant

ITS Quadrant

Using Integral Thinking in Transformations


Envisioning / Design

Organizational Impediments


Chap 3. Integral Altitudes: The Evolution of Complexity

Altitudes and Transformation

The Integral Concept of Altitude

How the Altitudes Show Up in Organizations

What You Need to Know about Stage Development Models

Conformist-Amber Altitude

Achievement-Orange Altitude

Pluralistic-Green Altitude

Evolutionary-Teal Altitude

Corroborating Research on Altitude

Clare Graves’ Research

Spiral Dynamics - Continuing Graves’ Work

Evolution in Four Quadrants

Generic Altitudes Across the Quadrants

Chap 4. The Integral Agile Transformation Framework: Installing Your Transformation Operating System

How Do We Use the Map?

The Integral Agile Quadrants

Leadership & Mindset

Practices & Behavior

Organizational Architecture

Organizational Culture & Relationships

Integrating the Quadrant Perspectives

Development in the Quadrants

Development within Leadership & Mindset

Orders of Consciousness

Orders of Mind and Subject/Object


Development within Practices & Behaviors

Product Development Adaptability

Relating Skills

Technical Craftsmanship Competency

Development within Organizational Architecture

Structural Adaptability


Development within Organizational Culture & Relationships

Cultural Complexity

Systemic Consciousness

How Quadrants Look from Different Holons

Leadership & Mindset

Organization Level Holon

Program Level Holon

Team Level Holon

Practices & Behavior

Organization Level Holon

Program Level Holon

Team Level Holon

Organizational Architecture

Organization Level Holon

Program Level Holon

Team Level Holon

Organizational Culture & Relationships

Organization Level Holon

Program Level Holon

Team Level Holon

Agile Transformation Case Example - “SongRight” 

How We Will Use the Case

Basic Information

Market Context

Business Context

Acquisition Background

Key Players


Questions on SongRight & The Framework


Part II - Transformational Leadership: Upgrading the Leader’s Operating System

Chap 5. Transformational Leadership

The Leadership Operating System (LOS)

Leadership Effectiveness & Business Performance

Leadership Quotient (LQ)

Transformational Leadership

Conscious Leadership

Integral Leadership

Boundary Spanning Leadership

Conscious Change Leadership

How Leaders Hold the Transformational Container

What Does it Mean to Lead Change?

The Business Case for the Transformational Leader

Leader-first Transformation

The Enterprise Agile Coach as Transformational Leader

Chap 6. The Developmental Landscape

Individual Leadership Development

Description of Reactive/Creative/Integral Levels

Systemic Leadership Development

Chap 7. The Upgrade Path

How Development Happens

The Subject/Object Switch in Action

The Role of the Enterprise Agile Coach in Developing Leaders

The Use of the Integral Disciplines

Chap 8. What to Do Tomorrow

Case Study Redux

The Architecture of Organizational Transformation

The Change Team

Integral Agility

Envisioning and Leading an Agile Transformation 

Transformation Readiness

Developing Yourself

Developing Others



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