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Adobe Flash Professional CS5 on Demand

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Adobe Flash Professional CS5 on Demand


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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4443-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4443-2

Need answers quickly? Adobe Flash Professional CS5 on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.



ACE Exam Objectives

More than 600 Essential Flash Professional CS5 Tasks

Inside the Book

• Improve publishing and productivity with the CS5 interface

• Browse, organize, and process files using Adobe Bridge and Mini Bridge

• Import Photoshop and Illustrator files directly into Flash

• Keep track of the changes in Flash on a per-object basis

• Quickly create animation with motion tweens

• Use advanced text options to control flow and format

• Create more compelling designs with built-in filter effects and gradients

• Use blend modes to change the way the image of one object is combined with other images

• Use Script Assisted mode to create scripts without detailed knowledge of ActionScript

• Test content on different target devices

• Publish for the Web and iPhones

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Adobe Flash Professional CS5 on Demand: Developing iPhone Apps

Sample Pages

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Table of Contents

Introduction     xvii

1  Getting Started with Flash CS5     1

Preparing to Install Flash     2

Installing Flash    3

Starting Flash     4 New!

Viewing the Flash Window     6

Creating a Project Plan     8

Building a Flash Project     10

Creating a New Document     12

Creating a New Document from a Template     13 New!

Opening an Existing Document     14

Changing Document Properties     16

Working with Document Windows 1    8

Saving a Document     20 New!

Saving a Document in Different Formats     22

Getting Help While You Work     24 New!

Getting Online Updates and Support     26 New!

Finishing Up     28

2  Working Within the Flash Environment     29

Examining the Flash Window     30

Using the Timeline     32 New!

Working with Layers     34

Viewing Layers     36

Organizing Layers     38

Changing Layer Properties     40

Using Guide Layers     41

Working with Frames     42

Working with Scenes     44

Using the Edit Bar     46

Using the Main Toolbar     48

Resizing Panels     49

Using the Tools Panel     50

Working with Panels     52

Docking and Undocking Panels     54

Grouping and Ungrouping Panels     55

Creating a Workspace     56

Creating Keyboard Shortcuts     58

Setting General Preferences     60

Setting Text Preferences     62 New!

Setting Clipboard Preferences     63

Setting Warning Preferences     64 New!

Working with Page Setup in Macintosh     66

Working with Page Setup in Windows     68

Printing a Document in Macintosh    70

Printing a Document in Windows     72

3  Creating Graphics     73

Working with Object Drawing     74

Drawing with the Line Tool     75

Drawing with the Pencil Tool     76

Drawing Shapes with the Rectangle and Oval Tools     78

Using the Polystar Tool     80

Understanding Selections     81

Selecting Strokes with the Selection Tool     82

Selecting Strokes and Fills with the Selection Tool     84

Making Selections with the Lasso Tool     85

Zooming In and Out with the Magnifying Glass     86

Moving Around with the Hand Tool     88 New!

Displaying Rulers     89

Using Grids and Guides     90

Modifying Grid and Guide Settings     92

Using Snap Align     94

Changing Stroke and Fill Colors     96

Creating Custom Colors     98 New!

Adding Colors Using the Kuler Panel     100

Editing Strokes with the Ink Bottle     102

Editing Fills with the Paint Bucket     103

Editing Strokes and Fills with the Eyedropper     104

Creating Gradients     105 New!

Using the Fill Lock     106

Using Paint Brush Modes     107

Using the Spray Brush Tool     108

Using the Deco Tool     109 New!

Drawing with the Pen Tool     110

Drawing Curves with the Pen Tool     112

Modifying Shapes with the Selection Tool     114

Modifying Shapes with the Subselection Tool     116

Using the Free Transform Tool     118

Using Transform Options for Shapes     120

Transforming Gradient Fills     121

Moving and Rotating Objects in 3D Space     122

Changing the Perspective Angle in 3D Space     124

Adjusting the Vanishing Point in 3D Space     125

Cutting and Pasting Graphics Between Layers     126

Working with Graphics on Different Layers     128

Distributing Graphics to Layers     129

Changing Drawing Settings     130

4  Working with Groups, Symbols, and Instances     131

Creating Groups     132

Arranging Multiple Groups     133

Opening the Library Panel     134

Working with the Library Panel     136

Creating Symbols     138

Editing in Symbol Mode     140

Creating Instances     142

Changing Symbol and Instance Type     144

Swapping Symbol Instances     146

Using Graphic Symbols     148

Using Button Symbols     150

Enabling and Disabling Buttons     152

Creating Invisible Buttons     153

Using Movie Clip Symbols     154

Breaking Symbols Apart    155

Modifying Instance Properties     156

Modifying Instance Color Styles and Blends     158

Using Advanced Color Options     160

Using 9-Slice Scaling on a Movie Clip Symbol     161

Setting Highlight Color Preferences     162

5  Working with Text     163

Creating Classic Static Text     164

Creating TLF Text     165 New!

Linking Text Together     166 New!

Changing Font Type, Style, Size, and Color     168 New!

Modifying Tracking and Kerning     170 New!

Changing Text Alignment     172 New!

Creating Text Columns     174 New!

Changing Text Direction     175 New!

Changing Text Orientation     176 New!

Changing Advanced Text Options     178 New!

Using Break Apart to Modify Characters     180

Using Anti-Alias Text     182 New!

Using Font Mapping     183

Setting Device Fonts Versus Embedded Fonts     184 New!

Creating Dynamic Text and Input Text     186

Checking Spelling     188

Using Find and Replace     190

Using Cascading Style Sheets with HTML     191

6  Importing Graphics     193

Understanding Vector and Bitmap Graphics     194

Examining Import File Formats     195 New!

Setting Illustrator Import Preferences     196

Setting Photoshop Import Preferences     198

Importing Photoshop and Illustrator Files     200

Importing Bitmaps     202

Importing Fireworks PNG Files     204

Importing Multiple Files     206

Copying Images from Other Programs     207

Editing Bitmaps in an Outside Editor     208 New!

Setting Bitmap Compression     210

Using Break Apart to Create Fill Patterns     211

Modifying a Bitmap Fill     212

Editing a Bitmap with the Magic Wand     214

Using Trace Bitmap to Create Vector Shapes     216

7  Creating Frame-by-Frame Animation     217

Understanding Frame-by-Frame Animation     218

Creating Keyframes     220

Converting Frames to Keyframes     222

Using Frame-Based Versus Span-Based Selection     223

Clearing Keyframes Versus Removing Frames     224

Editing Keyframes     226

Creating a Simple Frame-by-Frame Animation     228

Playing an Animation     230

Using Onion Skinning     232

Modifying Onion Skin Markers     234

Editing Multiple Frames     236

8  Animating with Motion Tweening     237

Understanding Motion Tweening     238

Applying Motion Tween Presets     240

Creating a Motion Tween     242

Adjusting Motion Tween Properties     243

Editing Motion Tween Properties with the Motion Editor     244

Adding Color Effects and Filters     246

Working with Property Keyframes     248

Editing the Path of a Motion Tween     249

Copying Motion as ActionScript     250

9  Animating with Classic Tweening     251

Working with Classic Tweening     252

Understanding Frame and Instance Properties     253

Creating a Classic Tween     254

Adjusting Classic Tween Properties     256

Copying and Pasting a Tween     258

Changing the Length of a Tween     260

Changing the Frame Rate     262

Reversing Frames     263

Adding and Removing Keyframes from a Classic Tween     264

Scaling and Rotating a Classic Tween     266

Adding Color Effects to a Classic Tween     268

Creating a Classic Motion Guide Layer     269

Animating Along a Classic Motion Guide     270

Orienting Objects to a Classic Motion Path     271

Easing In and Out of a Classic Tween     272

10  Animating with Shape Tweening     273

Using Shape Tweening     274

Creating a Shape Tween Form     276

Adding and Removing Keyframes from a Shape Tween     278

Changing Shape Positions with Shape Tweening    280

Changing Shape Position and Form Simultaneously     282

Adjusting Shape Tween Properties     284

Changing Shape Tweening Color and Alpha Options     285

Using Shape Hints     286

Creating Animation Using ActionScript     288

Using Inverse Kinematics     289

Adding Bones to an Armature     290

Editing Armatures and Bones     292 New!

Binding Bones     294

11  Creating Masks     295

Understanding Masks     296

Creating a Mask Layer     298

Drawing a Mask     300

Activating a Mask     301

Editing a Mask     302

Removing a Mask     303

Adding Layers to a Mask     304

Animating a Mask Layer     306

12  Working with Sounds     307

Importing Audio     308

Using Audio on the Timeline     310

Loading a Sound from a Shared Library     312

Using Audio with ActionScript     314

Loading a Streaming MP3 File     316

Syncing Sounds to the Timeline     318

Adding Effects and Looping Sounds     319

Publishing Documents Containing Audio     320

Editing Sounds     322

Editing Sounds Using Soundbooth    323

13  Working with Video     325

Using the Video Import Wizard     326 New!

Working with Video on the Stage     328 New!

Working with Video on the Timeline     330

Using Movie Clips with Video Files     331

Adding Cue Points to a Video     332 New!

Using Video with ActionScript     334

Controlling Video Through Movie Clips     336

Using the FLV Playback Component     338

Working with the Video Encoder     340

Working with Alpha Channel Masks     342

Exporting as a QuickTime Video     344

Exporting as a FLV File     346

14  Using Basic ActionScripts     347

Viewing the Actions Panel     348

Setting ActionScript Preferences     349 New!

Understanding Properties and Methods     350

Applying Properties and Methods to an Object     351

Using Dot Syntax     352

Understanding Data Types     353

Using Functions     354

Using Conditional Statements     355

Attaching a Mouse Event to a Button     356

Working with Frame Events     357

Working with Clip Events     358

Attaching a Clip Event to a Movie Clip     359

Working with Loops     360

Using For Loops     361

Working with ActionScript Behaviors     362

15  Working with ActionScript 3.0    363

Using Object-Oriented Programming     364

Enabling Flash to Execute Solutions Faster with AVM 2.0     365

Using ActionScript 3.0     366

Changing ActionScript 3.0 Settings     368

Inserting Code with Code Hints     370 New!

Inserting and Creating Code Snippets     372 New!

Developing Solutions Built with the DOM3 Event Model     374

Working with Classes     375

Working with Objects and Classes     376

Using Namespaces in your Projects     378

Controlling Data     380

Manipulating XML with E4X     381

Using Regular Expressions     382

Controlling Text     383

Drawing with the Shape Class     384

16  Developing iPhone Applications     385

Becoming an Apple Certified Developer     386 New!

Registering an iPhone and Other Apple Testing Devices     388 New!

Creating App ID’s     389 New!

Creating a Developers Provisioning Profiles     390 New!

Creating and Publishing an iPhone App     392 New!

Controlling the Accelerometer     394 New!

Saving Images to the Camera Roll     395 New!

Understanding the Limits of Flash     396 New!

Identifying Devices to Deploy an Ad Hoc App     397 New!

Creating an Ad Hoc Distribution Profile     398 New!

Packaging an Ad Hoc App     399 New!

Packaging an App for the iTunes App Store     400 New!

Using iTunes Connect to Publish an App     402 New!

Using Screen Orientation in an App     406 New!

Using Geolocation in an App     407 New!

Using Multitouch in an App     408 New!

17  Debugging a Movie     409

Debugging Concepts     410

Debugging with the ActionScript Editor     412 New!

Using the Movie Explorer     414

Debugging for ActionScript 3.0     416

Resolving Compiler Errors     418 New!

Debugging for ActionScript 2.0     420

Viewing Variables     421

Adding Variables to the Watch List     422

Viewing Properties     423

Setting Breakpoints     424

Stepping Through Code     425

Debugging Manually     426

18  Adding and Modifying Components     427

Understanding Basic Components    428 New!

Using the Component Inspector     430 New!

Adding a Text Input     432

Adding a Combo Text Box     434

Adding a Check Box    436

Adding a Radio Button     438

Adding a Text Area     440

Adding a Button     442

Adding a List     444

Adding a Label     446

Adding a Data Grid     448

Using a Local Data Provider     450

Adding a Loader     451

Adding a Numeric Stepper     452

Adding a Progress Bar     454

Adding a Scroll Pane     456

Creating Bindings     458

Modifying Bindings     460

Modifying Schema     462

Modifying Component Attributes     463

Using Components to Build a Form     464

19  Automating Your Work     465

Examining the History Panel     466

Using the History Panel     467

Working with Object-Level Undo Mode     468

Undoing and Redoing Steps     470

Replaying Steps     472

Saving Steps and Using Commands     474

Copying Steps Between Documents     476

20  Publishing a Movie     477

Publishing Considerations     478

Modifying Publish Settings     479

Specifying Flash Options     480

Specifying Adobe AIR Options     482 New!

Inserting File Information     484

Specifying HTML Options     486 New!

Specifying GIF Options     488

Specifying PNG Options     490

Specifying JPEG Options     492

Creating a Windows or Macintosh Projector     493

Creating a Publishing Profile     494

Editing Profile Properties     495

Exporting and Importing a Profile     496

Duplicating a Profile     498

Previewing a Movie     499

Testing a Movie     500 New!

Using the Bandwidth Profiler     501

Exporting a Movie to Different Formats     502

Printing from the Flash Player     504

21  Working with Projects and Other Programs     505

Working with Adobe Flash Builder     506 New!

Exchanging Content with Adobe FXG     508 New!

Creating an Adobe AIR Application     510 New!

Creating Content for a Mobile Device     512

Mapping MIDI Sounds on a Mobile Device     514

Creating and Managing a Project     516

Managing Project Files     518

Testing a Project     520

Sending a Document Using E-mail     521

Exploring CS Live Services     522 New!

Sharing My Screen     523 New!

Use Adobe Extension Manager     524

New Features     525 New!

Adobe Certified Expert     529

Index     535


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