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Adobe Edge Animate on Demand

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Adobe Edge Animate on Demand


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  • Copyright 2013
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4936-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4936-9

Need answers quickly? Adobe Edge Animate on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.

Inside the Book

• Download Edge Animate and other Edge tools from the web

• Take In-App lessons to learn how to use Edge Animate

• Create animations visually on the Stage

• Quickly create shapes and add text to use in animations

• Add web fonts to create unique designs

• Insert images produced in other Adobe programs

• Create interactive animations with JavaScript/jQuery

• Use snippets to quickly insert JavaScript code

• Create symbols to reuse content in different animations

• Test content on different browsers and devices

• Add animations to existing web pages

• Work with HTML and CSS to modify and enhance web pages

• Publish to the web, other Adobe programs, and iBooks Author

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• Online Workshops

• Step-by-Step Tasks in Full Color

• More than 300 of the Most Essential Edge Animate Tasks

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Taking In-App Lessons for Adobe Edge Animate

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 3 and Index)

Table of Contents

Introduction    xiii

1  Getting Started with Edge Animate    1

Finding Out What You Can Do with Edge Animate    2

Exploring Edge Animate and Edge Tools    3

Starting Edge Animate    4

Using the Welcome Screen    6

Viewing the Edge Animate Window    8

Preparing for a Project    9

Creating a Project Plan    10

Building an Edge Animate Project    12

Creating a New Animation    14

Getting Sample Animations    15

Opening an Existing Animation    16

Working with Multiple Animations    18

Previewing an Animation in a Browser    19

Saving an Animation    20

Getting Online Support    22

Finishing Up    24

2  Working Within the Edge Animate Window    25

Examining the Edge Animate Window    26

Changing Stage Properties    28

Working with the Stage    30

Changing the Stage View    31

Using the Tools Panel    32

Using the Properties Panel    34

Using the Elements Panel    36

Using the Library Panel    38

Using the Timeline Panel    40

Working with Timeline Panel Controls    42

Using the Code Panel    44

Working with Panels    46

Docking and Undocking Panels    48

Creating and Using Workspaces    50

Defining Keyboard Shortcuts    52

Changing the Language    54

Undoing or Redoing Changes    55

3  Taking In_App Lessons    57

Starting a Lesson    58

Using the Lessons Panel    60

Taking the Quick Start Lesson    61

Taking the Create Lesson    62

Taking the Animate with Keyframes Lesson    64

Taking the Animate with the Pin Lesson    68

Taking the Resize Lesson    70

Taking the Extend Lesson    74

Taking the Reuse Lesson    78

4  Working with Shapes and Graphics    81

Understanding Vector and Bitmap Graphics    82

Gathering and Using Graphics    83

Examining Import Graphic Formats    84

Importing Graphics    85

Adding Graphics    86

Drawing Shapes    88

Using Smart Guides with Elements    90

Selecting Elements    92

Naming Element IDs or Classes    94

Changing Element Tags    95

Changing Element Display    96

Changing Element Overflow    97

Changing Element Opacity    98

Changing Element Position    99

Changing Element Size    100

Changing Element Adjustability    101

Changing Shape Corners    102

Changing Shape Borders    104

Changing Shape Background Color    106

Adding Shadows to Elements    107

Changing Cursors Over Elements    108

Modifying Image Elements    109

Transforming Element Origin    110

Rotating Elements    112

Skewing Elements    114

Scaling Elements    116

Changing Element Clipping    118

Adding Accessibility to Elements    120

5  Working with Text    121

Creating Text Boxes    122

Adding Text    123

Editing Text    124

Dictating Text    125

Inserting Special Characters    126

Examining Text Properties    127

Changing Text Properties    128

Getting Web Fonts    130

Adding Web Fonts    132

Resizing Text Boxes    134

Clipping Text    135

Transforming Text    136

Adding Shadows to Text    138

Changing Text Tag    139

Adding Links to Text    140

6  Working with Symbols and Elements    143

Creating Symbols    144

Importing Symbols    145

Exporting Symbols    146

Creating an Instance from a Symbol    147

Modifying an Instance from a Symbol    148

Editing Symbols    150

Nesting Symbols within Symbols    152

Copying or Duplicating Elements    154

Deleting Elements    156

Displaying Rulers    158

Displaying Guides    159

Using Guides with Elements    160

Aligning and Distributing Elements    162

Stacking Elements    164

Hiding and Showing Elements    165

Grouping Elements    166

Reparenting Elements    167

Locking and Unlocking Elements    168

Renaming Elements    169

7  Creating Motion Animations    171

Creating an Animation with the Pin    172 PrEx

Creating an Animation with Auto Keyframes    174 PrEx

Creating an Animation with Keyframes    176 PrEx

Creating an Animation with a Transition    178

Playing Animations    180

Making Adjustments to Animations    182

Adjusting Time in an Animation    184

Inserting Time in an Animation    185

Making a Resizable Animation    186 PrEx

Testing a Resizable Animation    190

8  Creating Interactive Animation    193

Inserting Labels    194

Inserting and Editing Triggers    196

Inserting and Editing Action Events    198

Listing of Action Events    200

Inserting Code Snippets    202

Listing of Code Snippets    203

Working with JavaScript Code    204

Using Show and Hide Element Snippets    206

Using Element Text Snippets    208

Using the Open URL Snippet    210

Using Get Symbol Snippets    212

Using Create and Delete Symbol Snippets    214

Creating a Rollover Button    216 PrEx

Creating a Shopping Cart Button    218 PrEx

Embedding and Playing a Video    220 PrEx

Adding and Playing a Sound    221 PrEx

Swapping Images in a Photo Gallery    222 PrEx

9  Publishing Animations    223

Publishing Considerations    224

Publishing a Composition    225

Publishing for the Web    226

Publishing to the Web for IE    6,    7, and    8    227

Publishing to the Web Using CDN    228

Publishing to the Web as Static HTML    229

Publishing for Adobe Programs    230

Publishing for iBooks Author    232

Capturing a Poster Image    234

Creating a Down-level Stage    236

Creating a Preloader Stage    238

10  Working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript    241

Examining Edge Animate Files    242

Viewing the Code Behind the Scenes    244

Examining the Adobe Edge Animate Runtime    246

Getting to Know HTML    248

Working with HTML    250

Getting to Know CSS    252

Working with CSS    254

Putting a Composition in an HTML Document    256

Adding an Animation to an HTML Document    258

11 Working Together with Adobe Programs    259

Opening Compositions in Adobe Dreamweaver    260

Importing into Adobe Muse    262

Importing into Adobe InDesign    264

Working with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite    266

Saving Images from Adobe Photoshop    268

Saving Graphics from Adobe Fireworks    270

Exporting Images from Adobe Illustrator    272

Saving Artwork from Adobe Illustrator    274

Exporting Animations from Adobe Flash    276

A  Installing Edge Animate and Edge Tools    279

Preparing for Edge Animate and Tools    280

Downloading Edge Animate and Tools    282

Installing Edge Animate and Tools    284

Finishing the Edge Inspect Install    286

Keyboard Shortcuts    289

Menu by Menu    293

Index    301


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