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ADO.NET and System.Xml v. 2.0--The Beta Version, 2nd Edition

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ADO.NET and System.Xml v. 2.0--The Beta Version, 2nd Edition


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Fully supported by Microsoft's ADO.NET team, this is an authoritative and practical look at the changes in the new version of ADO.NET

° Written by acknowledged experts, software legends, and bestselling authors, with complete cooperation from Microsoft

° Contains the most complete and practical information available anywhere on the next version of ADO.NET

° Enables developers to develop applications which will be ready for the next version of ADO.NET


  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-24712-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-24712-4

“A highly readable and comprehensive reference to data access capabilities of the .NET Framework. Suitable for the newcomer and ‘guru’ alike.”

—Arpan Desai, program manager, System.Xml, Webdata XML Team, Microsoft Corporation
“This book goes beyond the typical API reference and goes in detail into why you would use each new feature, what scenarios they were designed for, and how things work from end to end. Great way of getting started with data access in .NET 2.0.”

—Pablo Castro, program manager, ADO.NET Team, Microsoft Corporation
“An insightful look at the XML features in version 2.0 of the .NET Framework v. 2.0 by one of the minds behind many of the innovations in the System.Xml namespace. Even though I was one of the Program Managers who worked on version 2.0 of System.Xml, Mark Fussell’s chapters still taught me a few things I didn’t know about working with XML in the .NET Framework. Truly an excellent work.”

—Dare Obasanjo, program manager, Communication Services Platform, Microsoft Corporation

ADO.NET 2.0 delivers dramatic improvements in relational data access and XML support, as well as outstanding integration with SQL Server 2005. Now’s the time to get a running start with ADO.NET and System.Xml v. 2.0—The Beta Version, the one book that delivers all the insights, best practices, and sample code you’ll need.

Two renowned .NET and XML experts, along with a lead program manager at Microsoft, reveal everything that’s new in ADO.NET and System.Xml—including major changes since 2004’s “Technology Preview.” Using realistic code examples, the authors illuminate improvements to data access and management, the DataSet class, security, schema discovery, and much more. You’ll discover how SQL Server 2005’s in-process CLR hosting will help you build faster, more robust applications—and how to make the most of advances in XML performance, schema support, usability, querying, and serialization. Topics include

  • Doing more with less code: asynchronous command execution, promotable transactions, batched update, bulk data copy, and other SqlClient class enhancements
  • Leveraging ADO.NET improvements that work with any database platform, including provider factories and the Database Schema Discovery API
  • Using the enhanced features of the DataSet class to increase flexibility, simplify coding, and improve erformance
  • Integrating with SQL Server 2005, via Multiple Active Result Sets, query notifications, and user-defined types
  • Utilizing SQL Server 2005 as an XML database: using, accessing, and updating the XML data type
  • Mastering System.Xml v. 2.0 classes for reading/writing XML, document editing, validation, transformations, security, and more
  • Discovering new techniques for customizing XML serialization and working with XML document stores
  • Maximizing application and service performance with insider tips and tricks from ADO.NET’s creators

Already assessing ADO.NET and System.Xml v. 2.0? Piloting them? Building production applications? Wherever you stand, wherever you’re headed with these technologies, this book will get you there.


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Table of Contents

Figures (p. xv)

Tables (p. xxi)

Forewords (p. xxv)

Acknowledgments (p. xxxi)

Chapter 1: New Concepts in Data Access (p. 1)

The Evolution of Data Management in .NET (p. 2)

About the .NET Version 2.0 Beta Release (p. 5)

New Concepts in Version 2.0 (p. 8)

A Summary of New Features in ADO.NET and System.Xml (p. 9)

New Data Source Controls and Data Binding Features in ASP.NET (p. 35)

Summary (p. 38)

Chapter 2: ADO.NET Data Management Enhancements (p. 39)

Expanded and Improved Data Access Features in ADO.NET (p. 40)
Asynchronous Command Execution (p. 45)

ADO.NET Promotable Transactions (p. 67)

ADO.NET Batched Updates (p. 74)

Bulk Data Copying in ADO.NET (p. 81)

Summary (p. 101)

Chapter 3: Provider Factories, Schema Discovery, and Security (p. 103)

Provider Factories (p. 104)

The DbConnectionStringBuilder Class (p. 109)

The Schema Discovery API (p. 111)

Security and Permissions (p. 118)

Retrieving Connection Statistics (p. 119)

ADO.NET 2.0 Performance Counters (p. 120)

Summary (p. 122)

Chapter 4: The DataSet and DataTable Classes (p. 123)

Scenarios for the DataSet and DataTable Classes (p. 124)

DataSet Performance Improvements (p. 130)

New Features of the DataSet (p. 134)

The Stand-Alone DataTable Class (p. 151)

Visual Studio 2005 DataSet Designer (p. 163)

Summary (p. 168)

Chapter 5: ADO.NET and SQL Server 2005 (p. 171)

Multiple Active Results Sets (p. 172)

SQL Server Query Notifications (p. 180)

SQL Server User-Defined Types (p. 195)

Summary (p. 207)

Chapter 6: SQL Server 2005 CLR Hosting (p. 209)

Scenarios for the SQL Server CLR (p. 210)

The In-Process Data Provider in the Beta 2 Release (p. 211)

Examples of the In-Process Data Provider (p. 213)

Using the ADO.NET Classes in the SQL Server CLR (p. 231)

Summary (p. 235)

Chapter 7: XML in SQL Server 2005 (p. 237)

SQL Server as an XML Database (p. 238)
Accessing the xml Data Type from ADO.NET (p. 257)

Using the XML Classes in the SQL Server CLR (p. 276)

Summary (p. 283)

Chapter 8: XML in the .NET Framework (p. 285)

The Growing Importance of XML (p. 286)

Why You Need XML (p. 295)

System.Xml Version 1.x (p. 296)

XML as a Universal Data Access Technology (p. 300)

What’s New in System.Xml Version 2.0? (p. 303)

XML Support in Visual Studio 2005 (p. 306)
A Brief Overview of XQuery (p. 312)

Summary (p. 321)

Chapter 9: Reading and Writing XML (p. 323)

Scenarios for the XmlReader and XmlWriter (p. 324)

The XmlReader Class in Version 2.0 of System.Xml (p. 324)

Using the XmlReaderSettings-Created XmlReader (p. 337)

Reading Typed XML (p. 344)

Methods for Usability and Streaming Content (p. 358)

An Overview of the XmlWriter Class (p. 367)
The XmlWriter Class in Version 2.0 of System.Xml (p. 369)

Combining the XmlReader and XmlWriter Classes (p. 383)

Using the XmlResolver to Access Data Sources (p. 389)

Security and XML (p. 398)

Inferring an XML Schema from an XML Document (p. 404)

Summary (p. 408)

Chapter 10: XML Serialization Enhancements (p. 411)

Pre-generation of Serialization Assemblies (p. 412)

Full Support for IXmlSerializable (p. 415)

Schema Importer Extensions (p. 418)

Summary (p. 421)

Chapter 11: XML Document Stores (p. 423)
Scenarios for Working with XML Stores (p. 424)

Using the XmlDocument Class (p. 426)

Limitations of the XML DOM (p. 428)

Design Guidelines for Exposing XML from Your Classes (p. 430)

The XPathNavigator with the Cursor-Editing Model (p. 431)

Using the XPathNavigator for Editing (p. 436)

Working with Typed XML Using the XPathNavigator (p. 445)

XML Schema Validation and the XmlDocument Class (p. 451)

Data Transfer Methods on the XPathNavigator (p. 461)

XPath 1.0 Querying (p. 463)

Summary (p. 468)

Chapter 12: Transforming XML Documents (p. 471)

Scenarios for XSLT (p. 472)

The XslCompiledTransform Class (p. 473)

Script, Input Parameters, and Extension Objects in XSLT (p. 484)

Security and XSLT (p. 490)

XSLT Performance Comparison (p. 494)

Summary (p. 495)

Index (p. 497)  


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