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We've aggregated all of our reading lists so you can easily find what's interesting to you. Whether you're looking for resources on Java, C++, iOS programming, or Ruby, you'll find them here.

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David Chisnall  

Books for Every Developer by David Chisnall

Eric Lippert  

C# by Eric Lippert

John Lakos  

C++ by John Lakos
Find more C++ resources at our C++ Resource Center.

Michael J. Hernandez  

Database Technology by Michael J. Hernandez

Erik M. Buck  

iOS by Erik M. Buck
Find more iOS resources at our LearnMac Resource Center.

Binu John  

Java by Binu John
Find more Java resources at our Learn Java Resource Center.

Jess Johnson  

Project Management by Jess Johnson

Wes Chun  

Python by Wesley J. Chun
Find more Python resources at our Python Resource Center.

Russ Olsen  

Ruby by Russ Olsen
Find more Ruby resources at our Ruby Resource Center.

Elfriede Dustin  

Software Testing by Elfriede Dustin
Find more software testing resources at our Software Testing Resource Center.




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