The C++ In-Depth Series

The C++ In-Depth Series is a collection of concise and focused books providing real-world programmers with reliable information about the C++ programming language. Selected by the designer and original implementer of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup, and written by carefully chosen experts in the field, each book in this series presents either a single topic, at a technical level appropriate to that topic, or a fast-paced overview, for a quick understanding of broader language features. Its practical approach, in either case, is designed to lift professionals (and aspiring professionals) to the next level of programming skill or knowledge.

These short books are meant to be read and referenced without the distraction of unrelated material. As C++ matures, it becomes increasingly important to be able to separate essential information from hype and glitz, and to find the deep content and practical guidance needed for continued development. The C++ In-Depth Series provides the background, tools, concepts, techniques, and new approaches that can enable this development, and thereby give readers a valuable, critical edge.