Tools and Techniques for Computer Typesetting

This newly inaugurated series focuses on tools and techniques needed to prepare typeset documents with computer systems. Books in the series will address the practical needs both of system users and of system developers. Initial series titles comprise handy references for LaTeX users; future works in progress will expand that core. Ultimately, the series will cover other typesetting systems, as well, especially insofar as those systems offer unique value to the scientific and technical community. The series goal, simply put, is to enhance your ability to produce articles, papers, reports, proposals, and books of professional quality.

The series editor is Frank Mittelbach, a key participant in the current maintenance of LaTeX and the principal architect and manager of the long-term LaTeX3 project. The editorial board, with representation from around the world, includes experts both on typesetting in general and on computer typesetting in particular. They are part of an active, volunteer community that shares our series goal.