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Frank Mittelbach

Frank Mittelbach is the lead author of The LaTeX Companion, Third Edition, and is series editor of Addison-Wesley's Tools and Techniques for Computer Typesetting series. He is also technical lead of the LaTeX Project and, along with overseeing the original major release of LaTeX2_ε in 1994, he has overseen the 36 subsequent releases of this software. Frank is author or coauthor of several books and of many and varied LaTeX extension packages, such as AMS-LaTeX, doc, multicol, and NFSS: the New Font Selection Scheme. He is on the board of the International Gutenberg Society, an international association for the study of the history and development of printing technology and font-oriented media, where he focuses on the more recent period. He is currently leading a multi-year project for automatically producing tagged and accessible PDF output from LaTeX.