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James W. Cooper

James W. Cooper holds a PhD in chemistry and worked in academia, for the scientific instrument industry, and for IBM for 25 years, primarily as a computer scientist at IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center. Now retired, he is the author of 20 books, including 3 on design patterns in various languages. His most recent books are Flameout: The Rise and Fall of IBM Instruments (2019) and Food Myths Debunked (2014).

James holds 11 patents and has written 60 columns for JavaPro Magazine. He has also written nearly 1,000 columns for the now vanished Examiner.com on foods and chemistry, and he currently writes his own blog: FoodScienceInstitute.com. Recently, he has written columns on Python for Medium.com and Substack.

He is also involved in local theater groups and is the treasurer for Troupers Light Opera, where he performs regularly.