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Roland Barcia

Kyle Brown is a Distinguished Engineer and CTO of Emerging Technologies with IBM Software Services and Support for WebSphere. He has 20 years of experience in designing and architecting large-scale systems. In his role as a DE, he is responsible for helping customers adopt emerging technologies, specifically cloud technologies and services-oriented approaches. He specializes in developing and promoting best practices approaches to designing large-scale systems using SOA, Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), and the IBM WebSphere product family. He is a best-selling author and regular conference speaker, as well as an internationally recognized expert in patterns, JEE, and object technology.

Roland Barcia is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO for the Mobile and WebSphere Foundation for Software Group Lab Services. Roland is responsible for technical thought leadership and strategy, practice technical vitality, and technical enablement. He works with many enterprise clients on mobile strategy and implementations. He is the coauthor of four books and has published more than 50 articles and papers on topics such as mobile technologies, IBM MobileFirst, Java Persistence, Ajax, REST, JavaServer Faces, and messaging technologies. He frequently presents at conferences and to customers on various technologies. Roland has spent the past 16 years implementing middleware systems on various platforms, including Sockets, CORBA, Java EE, SOA, REST, web, and mobile platforms. He has a master’s degree in computer science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Karl Bishop is a Product Manager with the IBM Worklight team. He currently works with the IBM Worklight Product Design team, focusing on developer experience. Before that, Karl spent many years working within the IBM Software Services for WebSphere group. His technical focus has been mobile app development, HTML5, Web 2.0, and JavaScript toolkits. Karl has worked for IBM for more than 16 years. He previously spent another dozen years honing his geek credentials at another computer company in California. Karl currently works out of his house, hidden away in the Sandhills near Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Matthew Perrins is an Executive IT Specialist and the lead architect for the BlueMix Mobile Backend as a Service Client SDK. He is the technical lead for IBM Software Services for Mobile for Europe, which is focused on delivering first-of-their-kind mobile solutions for IBM clients. He has worked for IBM since 1989 and has spent a significant amount of time designing and building Java-based enterprise solutions based on WebSphere.