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John Mulligan

John P. Mulligan is the creator and co-editor of SolarisGuide (http://SolarisGuide.com), the leading online information resource about Sun Microsystem's Solaris operating environment, featuring technical manuals, FAQs, news, and more. Started as an informal collection of Solaris information while he was a student at Lafayette College, SolarisGuide has since been acquired by Internet.com Corporation and is now the premiere source for Solaris news and information for professionals worldwide. John spent three years working in the Computer Support Services department at Lafayette College working on just about every aspect of UNIX system administration and management. He was responsible for migrating all the college Sun systems from SunOS 4.x to SunOS 5.x (a.k.a. Solaris 2). During that time, he also worked on a research project involving the mathematical modeling of microfluidic flows on Sun Solaris work-stations. He is also the author of the first edition of Solaris Essential Reference and now the second edition, updated for Solaris 8. Solaris Essential Reference remains a concise and efficient reference available for the Solaris Operating Environment. John currently lives in East Berlin, Pennsylvania, and works at P.H. Glatfelter Company as an environmental engineer. He can be reached at john@thinkhole.org.