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Alison Davis

Alison Davis has served for 25 years as CEO of Davis & Company (www.davisandco.com), helping companies such as BNY Mellon, Georgia-Pacific, IKEA, Johnson & Johnson, MasterCard, and Merck reach, engage, and motivate employees. Davis is coauthor of Your Attention, Please and a weekly blog, “Insights,” at www.davisandco.com/blog. She frequently writes for leading business, communication, and HR publications, and was an online columnist for The New York Times. A sought-after speaker on communication issues, she is former President of the Council of Communication Management (CCM).


Jane Shannon, now an independent consultant (www.janeshannon.com), spent much of her career as Vice President of HR Communication at Citibank. She then worked as a Senior Communication Consultant at Davis & Company and as a principal in the communication practice of William M. Mercer, Inc. Her clients have included Texaco, Barnes & Noble, Bank of America, and United Distillers & Vintners. She authored 73 Ways to Improve Your Employee Communication Program and has spoken at communication conferences hosted by the Council of Communication Management (CCM) and the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). A few years ago, she returned to her alma mater, University of Missouri-Columbia, to teach in its Journalism School’s Visiting Professor Program.