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Linda DeMichiel

Vlada Matena is a co-founder of Lammina Systems Corporation where he designs a scalable Java platform for modular Linux servers. He was the originator and chief architect of Enterprise Java Beans and a founding member of the J2EE architecture team at Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Sanjeev Krishnan, Ph.D. is a senior staff engineer with Sun Microsystems, Inc., where he works in the Java and Web Services organization on architecture and implementations in the areas of J2EE and Web Services. He is the co-author of the Enterprise JavaBeans specification version 2.0 and the author of the EJB-to-CORBA mapping.

Linda DeMichiel, Ph.D., is the chief architect of Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0 and 2.1, and is the specification lead for the Expert Group for Enterprise JavaBeans under the Java Community Process. She is a Senior Staff Engineer with Sun Microsystems, Inc., and works in the Java and Web services organization.

Beth Stearns is the principal partner of ComputerEase Publishing, a computer consulting firm she founded in 1982. Among her publications are Java Native Interface in The Java Tutorial Continued (Addison-Wesley), “The EJB Programming Guide” for Inprise Corporation, and “ Understanding EDT, ” a guide to Digital Equipment Corporation's text editor.