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John Kessenich

John M. Kessenich, staff software engineer at Google and creator of SPIR-V, has been active in OpenGL and GLSL Khronos standards’ development since 1999. He is the primary editor of the SPIR-V and GLSL specifications, and creates shader compiler tools and translators to promote portability of those standards.


Graham Sellers, AMD Software Architect and Engineering Fellow, is a Khronos API lead and represents AMD at the OpenGL ARB. He has contributed to the core Vulkan and OpenGL specs and extensions, and holds several graphics and image processing patents.


Dave Shreiner is a twenty-five year veteran of the computer graphics industry, where he’s worked almost exclusively with programming interfaces like OpenGL. In addition to having written and taught instructional courses on using computer graphics APIs, he was also the lead author for almost ten years on several Addison-Wesley publications relating to computer graphics.