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Steve Lane

Bob Bowers is CEO of Soliant Consulting, a 50-person firm that specializes in custom

database and web application development. He is a recipient of the FileMaker Excellence

Award and has co-authored seven books on FileMaker Pro development. In 2008 he was

inducted into the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame. After graduating summa

cum laude in Music and English from Wabash College, Bob earned a master’s degree in

Musicology from the University of Chicago. Bob is also a proud dad of two young children,

an avid banjo player, and an accomplished woodworker.


Dawn Heady, a Senior Technical Project Lead for Soliant Consulting, has 20-plus years of

FileMaker solution architecting experience during which time she’s also been a successful

business owner, served as a CIO in the credit restoration industry, and as Vice President of

a company specializing in FileMaker plug-ins. She is an authorized FileMaker Training

Series instructor, a regular speaker at the annual FileMaker Developer Conference and

FileMaker webinars, and a contributor to the FileMaker Newsletter. In 2004 FileMaker

selected Dawn as a FileMaker 7 Idol finalist for her Interface-RAD solution. Dawn is an

avid fan of the Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Fever, loves to dote on her grandchildren,

and is learning to sail her small wooden boat, Boxy Lady, which was handcrafted by her

loving husband.


Steve Lane, Chief Technology Officer of Soliant Consulting, served as Special Projects

Developer at Scott Foreman, a leading K–6 Educational publisher. He has written for

FileMaker Advisor magazine, and co-authored six books on FileMaker Pro. He has led training

classes in FileMaker technologies all over the country and is authorized to teach the

FileMaker Training Series. He regularly speaks at the annual FileMaker Developer

Conference where in 2003 he was awarded the FileMaker Excellence Award for “pushing

the boundaries of FileMaker Pro.” When not writing about technology, Steve is likely to

be found being chased about by his children or grumbling over the fingerings of J. S.

Bach. Or just grumbling.


Scott Love, Chief Operating Officer of Soliant Consulting, served at Ziff-Davis Interactive

as an online managing editor, served at Apple Computer as its web publishing technology

evangelist, and led the technical marketing team at Macromedia. He has written dozens

of feature and review articles on database and Internet/web topics for a wide range of

computer publications including MacWorld magazine and FileMaker Advisor. He has coauthored

four books: Special Edition Using FileMaker 7, Special Edition Using FileMaker 8,

FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference, and FileMaker 9 Developer Reference. He is

also the producer for Grem Legends, an arcade game on the iOS App Store, and has written

a technical brief on FileMaker Go. He is an authorized FileMaker Training Series

instructor and a regular speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference. In 2006 he was

awarded the FileMaker Excellence Award “for developing outstanding technical and training

resources for FileMaker.” Scott lives in the California Bay Area, where his penchant for

gardening can be indulged year round.