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Helen May

Helen is the founder of Belonging@Work, a consultancy which partners with client organisations to create cultures where everyone is included. Through her research, writing and leadership of global programmes for her clients, Helen has established herself as a strong thought leader and visionary in the diversity and leadership space. With over 20 years corporate and consultancy experience in leadership, talent and culture she combines depth of knowledge with a strong passion for constantly challenging the status quo.


Helen is a widely sought-after keynote speaker, delivering lively, provocative and insightful speeches. She is renowned for calling out the issues that others are often afraid to address, always delivering the message in a no-nonsense, jargon-free style and always with a good dose of humour.


In addition, Helen has deep personal and professional expertise in neurodiversity. Her business Helen May Associates provides coaching for neurodivergent clients alongside neuropsychiatrists and she delivers keynotes which dispel the myths around the subject, bringing it to life with her own, often hilarious, personal experiences of living with ADHD. She also runs the community interest company 'Diverse Futures' which provides further education, apprenticeship and mentoring support for neurodivergent 16-25 year olds.