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Chase Jarvis

Born, raised, and currently residing in Seattle, Chase Jarvis is well known as a visionary photographer, director, provocateur, and social artist with a consistent ambition to break down—even explode—the traditional silos where ideas reside, especially including the traditionally opposed notions of fine art and commercial art. While much of his focus is, on the surface, based in visual and representational art, his most profound interests lie in conceptual and informational art—and where they intersect.

His personal work has earned the attention of gallerists and curators in the USA and abroad, he has won numerous awards for his commercial campaigns, and he is widely recognized for his entrepreneurial acumen. Chase has been featured in print, web, and broadcast—including photography, film and video trades, celebrity, news, and popular culture media—worldwide.

A gifted leader with boundless energy, Chase finds time amidst his creative ambitions to cultivate communities, unite disparate cultures, and volunteer with numerous organizations around the globe. And he wants you to know that, while he approved this statement, his publisher wrote it with all the right pizzazz and buzz words.