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Stephen P. Nathan

Barbara Klein is responsible for IMS strategy, planning, and market introduction of new IMS versions and functions at IBM's Silicon Valley Laboratory. Involved with IMS, DB2, and CICS for 30+ years, she has held diverse positions in planning, design, development, assurance, systems engineering, marketing, and management. She has written regularly for IBM and non-IBM journals.


Rick Long provides Level 2 IMS Database support. He has held diverse positions at IBM, including IMS Database Administrator, IMS System Programmer, and IMS Data Propagator Development. Long has written several books and papers on IMS and IMS tools.


Diane Goff, IBM IMS Advanced Technical Skills Senior I/T Specialist, has presented IMS topics at technical conferences and seminars, worked with IMS customers, and provided System z hardware and software support.


John Butterweck, IBM Worldwide IMS Technical Support Team member, specializes in assisting customers with IMS installation and maintenance.


Kenny Blackman, IBM Certified IT Specialist - IMS Advanced Technical Skills, consults on IMS connectivity, IMS application modernization and z integration architectures, and presents IMS topics at technical conferences and seminars.


Margaret Wilson, now retired from IBM, spent more than 20 years of her IBM career working with IMS and IMS Tools, testing IMS software, teach-ing IMS basics, and marketing IMS Tools. 


Moira McFadden Lanyi has been the Technical Editor, Terminologist, and Information Architect for the IMS Information Development team since 2003, and has also worked as a Visual Designer and Project Manager at IBM.


Sandy Sherrill, IMS Worldwide Market Manager, has spent more than 20 years working on IMS teams.


Steve Nathan has 38 years of experience as an IMS developer, application analyst, DBA, systems programmer, and performance tuner. He has worked for IBM in IMS Level 2 Support since 2003.