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Daniel Fernandez

Boris Scholl is a Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft Azure compute team, looks after Service Fabric custom application orchestration, container integration, and Azure’s OSS developer and DevOps story for container based workloads. Prior to this, he was leading the Visual Studio Cloud Tools team focusing on architectural and implementation patterns for large-scale distributed Cloud applications, IaaS developer tooling, provisioning of Cloud environments, and the entire ALM lifecycle. Boris gained his experience by working as an architect for global cloud and SharePoint solutions with Microsoft Services. In addition to being a speaker at various events, Boris is the author of many articles related to Azure development and diagnosing cloud applications, as well as co-author of the book SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 (Addison Wesley Professional).

Trent Swanson
is a typical entrepreneur. As a cofounder and consultant with Full Scale 180, he works with some of Microsoft’s largest customers, helping them migrate and build applications on the Microsoft Azure platform. He has been involved in building some of the largest applications running on Microsoft Azure today, some of which now utilize Docker and a microservices architecture. Trent often works with the Microsoft Patterns and Practices team developing guidance and best practices for cloud applications, where he also co-authored a book on cloud design patterns. As a cofounder of Krillan and Threadsoft, he has built applications based on a microservices architectural style using Docker, Node.js, Go, and Mesos. As a cofounder of B & S Enterprises, he dabbles with various IoT technologies for commercial building management.

Dan Fernandez is a Principal Director managing the Developer Content teams for Visual Studio, Team Services, ASP.NET, and parts of Azure. Prior to this, Dan worked as a Principal Program Manager managing the developer experience for Docker including Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Docker continuous integration using Visual Studio Team Services. Dan is also the author of the Channel 9 video series Docker for .NET Developers. You can find Dan on Twitter at @danielfe.