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Joseph F. Louvar

Daniel A. Crowl is Herbert H. Dow Professor for Chemical Process Safety at Michigan Tech. He serves on the AIChE Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SACHE) Committee, and is author/editor of several AIChE books on process safety. His awards include AIChE’s Bill Doyle Award; the ACS Chemical Health and Safety Award; the Walton/Miller award from AIChE’s Safety and Health Division; and the AIChE Board’s Gary Leach Award. He is a Fellow of AIChE, ACS Safety and Health Division , and CCPS.


Joseph F. Louvar is Research Professor at Wayne State University’s College of Engineering, where he teaches chemical process safety, risk assessment, and process design. He was recently the CCPS staff consultant for the Undergraduate Education Committee, commonly known as the Safety and Chemical Engineering Education Committee (AIChE’s SACHE) and has previously chaired this committee for over ten years. His books include Health and Environmental Risk Analysis: Fundamentals with Applications (Prentice Hall, 1997).