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Lowell Mauer

Lowell Mauer has been in data processing for more than 20 years as a programmer, instructor, and consultant. He has taught programming at Montclair State College in New Jersey and has developed and marketed several Visual Basic applications, including a SQL Server-based reservation system for a private golf course. As a manager of technical support, he has attended seminars and training sessions in several countries and is an expert in more than six computer languages. He currently is the Manager of Consulting for Cognos Corporation in New York.

David Solomon, President of Metis Technologies, LLC: I've been working in, on, and around SQL Server (in its incarnations from Sybase and Microsoft) since 1990, and I can't believe that I can still make a living in this technology. I consult and teach courses on SQL Server, and write books like this one from time to time.

When I'm not wasting my time working, I coach youth soccer enthusiastically. If you come to Troy, you'll probably find me on a soccer field, shouting and chasing kids and pretending I'm one of them.

I save the best of my time for my kids, Adam and Luke, my wife Carola, and my three cats, Lucifer, Sam, and Daisy. Right now, Lucifer is sitting in my desk chair, which leaves me standing.

Bennett McEwan is president of Geist, LLC, a company in scenic upstate New York, specializing in explaining SQL Server. The work Ben enjoys most is mentoring, where he helps programmers or database administrators through the tough spots in mission-critical applications.

Ben also teaches SQL Server training classes, writes, and designs Visual Basic client/ server applications, and consults on difficult SQL Server performance issues. You can catch him on comp.databases.ms-sqlserver and in the pages of Microsoft SQL Server Professional (Pinnacle Publishing).