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Cyndy Bates Finnie

Cyndy Bates Finnie has been a computer journalist from back in the days when only the Apple Macintosh had a graphical user interface (you know, one in which you could point and click a picture instead of typing commands to open and save files). Most recently, she has built and managed web sites and businesses for the likes of Lycos and ZDNet. She has also contributed articles to PC/Computing, Computer Life, FamilyPC, and Computer Shopper. Cyndy is the editor of ScotsNewsletter.com and a member of the Internet Press Guild.

Finnie has had a network in her home since 1996—back when that qualified you for a membership in a 12-step program. Now that it networking has become more respectable, she lives happily with her network, husband, children, and more computers than she cares to count in suburban New England.