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Ivan D. Martchev

Yiannis G. Mostrous is associate editor of Wall Street Winners, a financial newsletter that has been rated #1 by The Hulbert Financial Digest, and of www.GrowthEngines.com, an online financial journal dedicated to global markets. Formerly an analyst with Finance & Investment Associates and Artemel International, he has worked in international project financing and venture capital financing. He holds an MBA from Marymount University.


Elliott H. Gue is editor of The Energy Strategist, the premier financial advisory dedicated solely to covering the complex energy markets, a field he has been covering since 2002. He has been featured as a guest on Bloomberg Television and has been a regular guest in radio shows around the country. He is also an associate editor for Personal Finance. He holds a Masters of Finance degree from the University of London and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Management from the University of London.


Ivan D. Martchev is editor of Wall Street Winners and associate editor of Personal Finance, which has been recognized by the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association as one of the nation's best financial advisory newsletters. He is also editor of the financial weblog www.attheselevels.com and www.GlobalViewPoints.com, a free weekly e-mail journal that provides commentary on the stock market, as well as bonds, commodities and currencies. Mr. Martchev has also been a frequent guest on many radio shows. 


The authors' commentaries have been published by Barron's, Forbes.com, and Marketwatch.com from Dow Jones.