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David Sloly

Having spent nearly two years training as a journalist with the BBC, David Sloly was promptly fired on completion of his course for humiliating a politician. The story spread quickly through the industry and David became highly sought after and was quickly snapped up by the UK’s first independent radio production company. It is there that he learned the art of creating content that people valued. His skill at capturing the imagination of an audience was used to great effect in creating award-winning content for Radio, TV and advertising. Some of the brands that he generated original ideas for include Smirnoff, Google and Sony. Some of the channels he worked for include MTV, the BBC (briefly) and Kiss100.
David is also a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist which gives him great insight into the human mind.  He is particularly interested in behavioral economics, now he couples this with business and marketing with great effect. So, if an employer tries to fire him again, he simply hypnotizes them into a state where they drastically increase his salary.