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Jurgen Ziegler

Maher Awad has more than seven years of experience in developing hardware and software for access network products at Nokia Telecommunications and at Nokia Research Center in Helsinki, Finland. He is currently a R&D Manager at Nokia Research Center, where he is developing and transferring object-oriented technology to the software development of real-time systems. He also lectures in the field of software and telecommunications engineering.

Jurgen Ziegler worked for Hewlett-Packard for ten years, developing real-time systems for chemical instruments. After that, he was responsible for the development of system software products at Nokia Data. Since joining the Nokia Research Center in 1990, he has worked on a company-wide initiative that transfers object-oriented technology for the development of embedded microprocessor products.

Juha Kuusela first worked for Nokia Electronics, supporting the sales of knowledge-based systems. After that, he worked at the Helsinki University of Technology developing embedded real-time systems. He developed execution mechanisms for formal specification languages. Since 1991, he has worked as a R&D manager at Nokia research Center. He has also participated in several European research projects of knowledge-based systems, software development processes, and object-oriented technology development.