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Rich Wardwell

Erica Sadun is the bestselling author, coauthor, and contributor to several dozen books on programming, digital video and photography, and web design, including the widely popular The iOS 5 Developer’s Cookbook. She currently blogs at TUAW.com and has blogged in the past at O’Reilly’s Mac Devcenter, Lifehacker, and Ars Technica. In addition to being the author of dozens of iOS-native applications, Erica holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Georgia Tech’s Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center. A geek, a programmer, and an author, she’s never met a gadget she didn’t love. When not writing, she and her geek husband parent three geeks-in-training, who regard their parents with restrained bemusement when they’re not busy rewiring the house or plotting global dominance.

Rich Wardwell is a senior iOS and Mac developer at Black Pixel, with more than 20 years of professional software development experience in server, desktop, and mobile spaces. He has been a primary developer on numerous top-ranking iOS apps in the Apple App Store, including apps for USA Today and Fox News. Rich has served as a technical editor for The Core iOS 6 Developer’s Cookbook and The Advanced iOS 6 Developer’s Cookbook, both by author Erica Sadun, as well as many other Addison-Wesley iOS developer titles. When not knee-deep in iOS code, Rich enjoys “tractor therapy” and working on his 30-acre farm in rural Georgia with his wife and children.