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Ryan Trost

Lead author Ryan Trost is the Director of Security and Data Privacy Officer at Comprehensive Health Services, where he oversees all the organization's security and privacy decisions.  He teaches several Information Technology courses including Ethical Hacking, Intrusion Detection and Data Visualization at Northern Virginia Community College which allows him to continue his technical interests.  In his spare time he is working to cross-pollinate Network Security, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Data Visualization and is considered a leading expert in geospatial intrusion detection techniques.  Ryan participated as a RedTeamer in the first annual Collegiate Cyber Defensive Competition (CCDC) and fielded a team of students this past year.  Ryan has been a Senior Security consultant for several government agencies before transitioning over to the private sector.  In 2005, Ryan received his Masters of Science degree in Computer Science from George Washington University where he developed his first geospatial intrusion detection tool.