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Nat Papovich

About the AuthorsAbout the Authors Jeff Peters has been messing around with computers since "terminal" meant a teletype. He is currently a program manager with Operational Technologies Services in Vienna, Virginia, a member of the Fusebox Council, and an occasional seminar speaker and instructor. When Jeff's not pushing bits around, he can often be found remodeling rooms with his wife and daughter, or noodling around on bass and guitar. Jeff maintains a Fusebox-related web site at http://www.grokfusebox.com. Nat Papovich, as a member of the Fusebox Council that oversees the development of the standard, has contributed to the formalization of many popular Fusebox concepts and was instrumental in the release of version 3.0. Nat is a Senior Partner and Lead Architect at fusium, offering application development and project consulting, Fusebox training and mentoring, along with tools and products for developers. In addition to being a frequent speaker at ColdFusion events and conferences nationwide, he has written and contributed to many other Fusebox publications. Currently residing in Portland, Oregon, Nat enjoys climbing, biking, and astronomy. He can be reached at nat@fusium.com. © Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.