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James P. Giangola

Michael Cohen is the cofounder of Nuance Communications. He has played a variety of roles at Nuance, including creation of the Professional Services organization and the Dialog Research and Development group. Michael is a popular speaker and a consulting professor at Stanford University. He has published more than seventy papers, holds eight patents.

James Giangola is an industrial linguist, who designs, researches, and mentors others in creating VUIs that reflect the linguistic features and principles that shape everyday, human-to-human conversations. An innovator in prompt-writing and dialog design, James has ten years of experience teaching languages and linguistics, and maintains a consulting practice.

Jennifer Balogh is a speech consultant at Nuance Communications, where she designs and evaluates interfaces for spoken language systems. She also conducts research on dialog design techniques and holds several patents. Jennifer is a university lecturer and frequent contributor to conferences and journals.