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Marcel Weiher

Marcel Weiher is a software engineeer and researcher with more than 25 years of experience with Cocoa-related technologies. Marcel’s work has always been performance-focused, ranging from solving impossible pre-press problems on the machines of the day via optimizing one of the world’s busiest web properties at the BBC to helping other Apple engineers improve the performance of their code on Apple’s Mac OS X performance team.

In addition to helping established companies and startups create award-winning software and turn around development teams, Marcel also teaches, blogs, speaks at conferences, contributes to open source, and invents new techniques such as Higher Order Messaging. He also works on programming languages, starting with an Objective-C implementation in 1987 and culminating in the Objective-Smalltalk architecture research language. Marcel currently works as a principal software engineer at Microsoft Berlin and maintains his own software and consulting company, metaobject ltd.