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Axel Uhl

Stephen J. Mellor is cofounder of Project Technology, Inc., a company focused on tools to execute and translate UML models, where he now serves as vice president. He chaired the UML Action Semantics Consortium, and is now active in specifying MDA. In his copious spare time, he is a member of the IEEE Software Industrial Advisory Board.

Kendall Scott is a UML trainer and consultant. With more than sixteen years of experience as a technical writer, he is skilled in converting complex, technical material into understandable and easy-to-use manuals.

Axel Uhl is a software architect at Interactive Object Software in Germany, where he serves on the team that is developing the MDA tool ArcStyler.

Dirk Weise works as a software engineer and consultant in the area of distributed-object computing, model-driven software development, and software architectures. Having been with Interactive Objects Software for several years, he has taken part in developing MDA ArcStyler and has made use of it in several projects.