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Ivan Kiselev

Ivan Kiselev has over 20 years of software engineering and business experience. He is a chief technology officer at APP Design Group, Inc., a software company. Previously, Mr. Kiselev held technology leadership positions with a number of other software, financial, and telecommunication companies.

Mr. Kiselev is a senior-level architect and technologist with extensive experience in analysis, architecture, and development of large-scale, distributed information systems, as well as a recognized expert in object-oriented technology, the Internet, and EDI. Mr. Kiselev takes particular interest in applications of reusable frameworks and application servers to electronic commerce systems and development environments, as well as integrating scripting languages into all of these. Most of his efforts are devoted to architecture of distributed enterprise scale applications for the Web-based environment where he advocates a very pragmatic approach to system development.

Mr. Kiselev served on the ANSI C++ Standardization Committee from 1991P1993 and published over 20 articles and white papers in Dr. DobbUs Journal, Java DeveloperUs Journal, Software Development Magazine, and other publications. Mr. Kiselev is a member of the Association for Computer Machinery and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.