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David Pitzer

Bill Burchard is an information systems consultant with Psomas, in Riverside, CA. He has been in the AEC business for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in computer modeling and applications development for AEC projects, including plan preparation, technical publications, and engineering design, as well as Web Development, GIS, 3D modeling, 3D photo-realistic renderings, and 3D animations. Additionally, Mr. Burchard is a registered Autodesk author/publisher, and is a consulting author and technical editor with New Riders Publishing. In these capacities, he has worked on numerous book projects regarding the use of AutoCAD, including Inside AutoCAD 14 Limited Edition, Inside AutoCAD 14, Inside AutoCAD 13c4, and AutoCAD Performance Tuning Toolkit.

Mr. Burchard is also a contributor to Inside AutoCAD, a monthly newsletter published by ZD Journals, and regularly writes articles and product reviews for CADalyst Magazine. Mr. Burchard can be contacted by email at bburchard@psomas.com.

David Pitzer has been an AutoCAD user for over 10 years. He currently teaches AutoCAD and AutoLISP at the college level. David is also a contributing editor for CADalyst Magazine and his articles have also appeared in CADENCE Magazine as well as in the AutoCAD Technical Journal. He has been a speaker at AutoCAD conferences including Autodesk University. This is David's third Inside AutoCAD book for New Riders. David resides in the San Francisco area.

Samir Bajaj has been working at Autodesk, Inc., for four years as a software development engineer in the AutoCAD team. He was a key contributor to the design, implementation, and integration of the Internet features in AutoCAD 2000. Samir graduated from the University of California at Riverside with an MS degree in computer science as well as an MBA. His interests include distributed systems, computer networking, computational finance, and his wife, Shelly.

David Harrington is the office computer manager at Walter P. Moore, where he specializes in commercial structural CAD work. Although he currently specializes in commercial structural CAD work using AutoCAD 2000, his experience ranges from commercial landscape irrigation design to system services for NASA at Cape Canaveral. He has been active in the local user group community for over 10 years, holding offices in the Tampa Bay AutoCAD User Group as newsletter editor, treasurer, and president. Since 1994, Harrington has been an active member of the board of directors of the Autodesk User Group International. He has served as the local user group representative, AEC Industry Group chair, president-elect, and currently serves as president. Harrington has been devoted to Autodesk and AutoCAD since 1987, when he began working with AutoCAD Release 2.6. He has written hundreds of AutoLISP routines and has been published in trade magazines. An avid writer, Harrington has authored many articles for the user community in trade magazines as well as the PaperSpace and WorldView newsletters, published by AUGI. He has been certified as an Autodesk Certified Expert for Release 14 Level II. Additionally, Harrington won the 1997 CADENCE Top Gun contest and the 1998 CADalyst Challenge contest. He also is a member of the faculty for Autodesk University, teaching at both 1997 and 1998 conferences.

Michael Todd Peterson is the owner of MTP Graphics (http://www.mtpgrafx.com), a full-service 3D animation shop that specializes in architectural rendering, multimedia development, Render Farm, and Special FX. In the past, Todd has taught at universities and community colleges. In addition to this book, Todd has also authored or co-authored a variety of other books for New Riders Publishing, including Inside AutoCAD 14 and Inside 3D Studio MAX 2, Volumes II and III.